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Top 12 Working1337x Proxy List For 2021 [100% Working 1337x Mirror Sites]



1337x Proxy

Hey, movie freaks !! Are you on the lookout for the top 1337x proxy list 2021? Then Cheer Up guys!! You have landed at the right place. Just keep scrolling to discover everything !!

Torrent sites have been in great demand for the last few decades. The unlimited data plans especially surged their popularity. After all, who doesn’t like to stay cozy in the comfiest pajamas, have the popcorn ready, and a relaxing couch with a favorite movie of yours on your screen. Right? So for that users use to visit websites like 1337x for the hunt of their favorite movies. So binge-watchers, we are here to help you out as we have compiled a list of all top 12 working 1337x proxy lists for 2021. These are all tested ones at least till the writing of this post. So let us not take your much time and directly head towards it.

1337x Proxy List

Torrent sites have taken entertainment to the next level. They enable sharing of large files too via peer-to-peer sharing. Now you can download anything like movies, shows, games, songs, software, apps, and whatnot.  Although the government has not been kind to such websites but still notorious, they are serving entertainment seekers with new updates every day. The reason for the government’s strict actions against them is the copyrighted stuff. Such websites circulate pirated movies everywhere. Moviemakers are so tense about this and they want to get rid of such websites.

In fact, many websites are still banned in many parts of the world like – The United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

But nothing to worry about here – although 1337x is also banned at many places, still you can use this website or access it via other ways. Alternatives like can be used to unblock 1337x. Moreover many 1337x alternatives have also emerged on the internet like 1337x proxy sites and mirror sites that can be used to download any pirated content from the website even if it is geo-blocked too.

Top 1337x Torrent Sites List 2021 [Updated]

1337x has got hit by the government many times. But it is still operational. Wondering how? Well, the site is tricking the government as the team at the backend operates the site from disclosed locations. moreover, they keep switching their URLs from one to another so that when one URL gets geoblocked by an ISP, by the time they have moved on to another. well, it was a way difficult for us to find out the current working URLs of 1337x torrent sites. Still, we have managed to do so by collecting a few of them for you, Check out the list –

1337x Torrent Sites List 2021

Now let us check out the 1337x proxy sites of 2021 here-

Top 12 Working 1337x Proxy List For 2021

Torrent sites usually appear and disappear in a blink of an eye. That sometimes gets irritating and we get confused while searching for a reliable non blocked torrent site. So just check the compiled list here –

#1 The Pirate Bay

1337x Proxy

1337x Proxy

The Pirate Bay acts like a showstopper when we talk about the best torrent websites. It holds a special place as it has the widest collection of torrents that you might not see anywhere. You can get a bundle of apps, audios, videos, games, any software here.

 The Pirate bay first originated in 2003 and since then has been ruling the world of torrents. With The Pirate Bay, you can download any large files via peer-to-peer networking. Also downloading files via BitTorrent is also possible here. It offers a wide variety of features that help you to locate any of your favorite content easily. Its average download speed is 6.2 MB/s. And you know what the best part is that it offers content in almost 35 languages which is huge, Isn’t it?

#2 Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a popular 1337x proxy site. Its sole purpose is to find torrents on other torrent sites. It is especially visited by music lovers. If you love any music track and want to download it for free then Torrentz2 is for you. Its average download speed is 2.0 MB/s. 

#3 YTS

Its Average download speed: 3.2 MB/s

This was initially known as YIFY. But due to some legal issues, they have migrated from YIFY to YTS. Some people claim it as the alternative of YTS or some say it is a modified version of YIFY. But in actuality, there are no official deals or ties of YTS with YIFY groups.  Its Alexa rank is 371. It is one of the best 1337x proxy sites due to its amazing filters and sorting techniques. 



Its average download speed is:  6.1 MB/s

It offers never-seen features like seeding. If we say that it is one of the most proactive communities that offers a lot of torrents, then there is nothing wrong with that. Here we can see a lot of magnet links too.  Not only this, but it also offers a blog section where like-minded people use to talk about their favorite movies or shows. A healthy discussion can be witnessed here at any time. It also uses BitTorrent protocol. 

#5 LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the most popular 1337x proxy sites. Its average download speed is about 3.7 MB/s. The best part is that here you can find torrents of your choice from the golden period of movies to the current one. Here the interface provided is the cleanest one. The categorization of movies here is impressive. 

#6 Zooqle

If you want to download or upload any movies or shows, then Zooqle is for you. The most prominent reason behind its surging popularity is its widest collection of movies, TV shows. It has a list of almost 37000+ movies and 600 TV shows. Isn’t it great?


XTORX is a popular torrent web search tool that offers an engaging platform for all of its users to download torrents to any extent. Its UI is just so clean that if somebody has ever used it once, then there is no coming back after that. 


EZTV is also one of the most happening 1337x proxy 2021. Initially, it was stuck in many legal battles. But now everything is smooth. This is popularly known for all the TV shows. If you are an ardent fan of TV shows then EZTV is for you indeed. Any kind of series and TV show can be watched here. Reality shows are the most happening part of it.  

#9 Torrent Seeker

Torrentseeker also stands out as one of the most promising 1337x proxy sites. Its interface keeps you hooked with it. The primary aspect that makes it extravagant is that it typically depends on mainstream torrent stores. 

Torrent seeker always stands out amongst other famous torrent web crawlers in the market accessible today. The site design is practically great. Its interface is extravagant and easy to use.

TorrentSeeker is basically an amazingly torrent search crawler that combines the results from dozens of torrent sites.

#10 Solarmovies

Solarmovies is one of the most visited 1337x proxy sites. It offers movies, shows, games, web series of all genres. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything for that. But this site has been blocked in many parts of the world. 

#11 Movie4K

It offers movies in a variety of formats like 1080p, 720p,360p, Bluray, CAM, DVD, etc. It also supports different languages. 

#12 Cmovies

It is also a great platform for watching online stuff for free. It is available in many parts of the world like India, France, Japan, Taiwan, the UK, the US, Thailand, etc. Its interface gives you the feel of a premium site. 

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Disclaimer: We anyhow don’t promote or endorse any pirated stuff. Accessing or downloading pirated content is a criminal offense at many geographical locations. So keep your eyes open while accessing such websites to check whether the site you are going to open is valid or not. This post is just for informational purposes.

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