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20 Videos That Prove TikTok Actually Better Than Vine



Here we come up with top 20 Tik Tok videos that prove Tik Tok is better than Vine. Let’s have a look:

1. This highly confused mum:

2. This Dora the Explorer revolution:

3. This unexpected turn of events:

4. This absolutely moving choir:

5. And this moving cat:

6. This emotional retelling:

7. This precious smile:

8. This beautiful remix:

9. And this video that even the Black Eyed Peas would be proud of:

10. This demonstration of love

11. This eerie encounter

12. This Star Wars reenactment

13. This warning to the world

14. And this even more serious one:

15. This Waluigi takeover

16. This captivating narrative

17. This quick mood change

18. And this strange turn of events


19. This set of new lyrics we never knew we needed

20. This…I’m not sure exactly what this is actually

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