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3 Canadian Tech Conferences You Have to Attend



In recent years, Canada has become a bit of a hub for tech jobs, outpacing the usual suspects – including San Francisco and Silicon Valley. While Toronto is deemed the main hub of technology-based jobs and advancements, and holds a variety of conferences, there are a couple of other notable summits that it would be worth your while to attend if you fancy yourself as a bit of a tech afficionado.

These types of conferences, which are fit-to-burst with top tech professionals, global leaders in tech, and an abundance of opportunities to discover new pieces of information, are excellent ways to rub shoulders with some of the best in the biz, meaning that the networking opportunities you have available to you in your area of speciality are wide-ranging – surely something not to miss!

While many of these events have been frequently postponed or abandoned altogether, there are nevertheless some still going ahead – either virtually or in real life.

Tech and Renewable Energy

Organised by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, this Toronto-based conference brings together a vast number of experts, academic scientists, scholars, and researchers to share their knowledge and research results regarding the trajectory of renewable energy technologies that are essential to our collective future. Due to the variety of disciplinaries that attendees boast, it offers the best opportunity for cross-platform discussion and is perfect for students, industry researchers, and academics alike.

The key focus here is not just on looking at the capabilities of ongoing projects into renewable energy technologies, but it allows for discussion about both the practical challenges and related solutions available in this field, while also highlighting innovations and trends.

Taking place in the bustling city of Toronto, there’s plenty of tourist-based fun that attendees can enjoy during the conference – so why not get out and about!

Educational Tech Theory and Practice

Based in Montreal, in the French-speaking province of Canada, Quebec, the International Conference on Educational Technology and Information Systems is a wide-ranging conference that utilises the work and abundant knowledge of academics, scientists, practitioners, and researchers relating to the use of technology in developing the theory and practice of education. It also has a focus on the place that technology holds within the education system, featuring discussions, presentations, seminars that analyse the most recent innovations and challenges in the sector, as well as highlighting solutions that have been created.

As a quirky, populous city in south-eastern Canada, Montreal is located on one of the largest of the islands present in the Hochelaga Archipelago, boasting considerable historical links. Nowadays, it is a chic destination for wealthy gamblers and tourists alike, being a city full of entertainment and charm for you to experience outside of the conference itself. So, if you want to visit some of the top casinos in your downtime, for example, you can.


Another Toronto-based conference, Elevate is one of the foremost events in the technology sector’s calendar, successfully combining traditional conference elements with an arts and culture festival, making it a relatively unique event for attendees. The conference puts the world’s most established innovators in one destination, with the aim of forming solutions to global challenges. As a result, entrepreneurs, creatives, and executives are all in attendance in an attempt to unite their various talents to fix the world’s problems. Former speakers include Michelle Obama and former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, which should be enough to certify its pedigree as one of the best.

Outside of this cultural phenomenon, Toronto has many exciting tourist traps for you to enjoy, as well as a variety of top-notch restaurants where you can set your taste buds tingling, so why not give it a go?

Whichever conference you attend – whether virtually or in real life – you’re sure to leave feeling inspired and excited by the possibilities that technologies is creating in our world. And, who knows, it might even inspire you to develop your own world-changing technology!

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