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3 Tips For Keeping Busy Online In Lockdown



Keeping busy during lockdown has become the national pastime for countries across the globe and that’s put a great focus than ever on finding different ways to stay busy online – Tiger King doesn’t last forever and there are only so many times you can rewatch Firefly.

That’s why I’ve given you three fun games that will keep you busy for a long, long time during lockdown – and I’ve even thrown in another idea at the end, for when you fancy a break from gaming.

Play some great games inspired by pop culture

Pop culture is a great source of inspiration for online fun– from Buzzfeed quizzes to topical articles, there are so many fun examples out there that are ideal for keeping you busy. Slots are one of the best, with thousands of titles that reference your favorite films or TV shows.

Slots are great because they’re simple, fun, and give you the chance to win some real money if you use real money slot sites.

My suggestion is that you check out what slots are available at best online casinos, as you’ll soon find that there are loads of brilliant ones for you to choose from.

My top tip is that you look for a game that comes with free spins – this gives you the opportunity to play some games without spending your own money.

Take a deep dive into Football Manager

Football is comfortably the most popular sport on the planet, both online and offline. Countless words are written about it every day and millions of people tune into podcasts about their favorite teams. However, the best online way to use football to keep busy during lockdown is to play Football Manager.

Football Manager is the finest football game ever – you can cry all you like, FIFA, it’s the truth. What might start as a casual session will quickly turn into an investment that lasts long enough to keep you busy throughout the whole of lockdown.

My advice is that you download the game via Steam. Not will you get the game quicker this way than by purchasing a physical copy, but you’ll also be able to access to Steam community and share your experiences online.

My top tip when playing Football Manager is to invest in some of the game’s wonderkids – players such as Thiago Almada can be bought for buttons, polished over a season or two, and become world-class talents.

Revisit a load of the classic Mario games

For people of a certain age, there was only one question that mattered at school – Mario or Sonic? The answer is that both are exceptional, but Mario’s back catalog is deeper than the blue hedgehog’s.

The question now is where to start with Mario? It’s simple – “Let’s start at the very beginning.

A very good place to start.” This means starting with Donkey Kong and then working your way as far through the catalog as you can.

While the latter games featuring the world’s favorite plumber might be hard to get online, you can find all of the classic games on an emulator site – these use software to replicate the features of the original console, so that you can play the games on your chosen devices.

My top tip when enjoying Mario is that you also try the film out. While it’s a pretty dire attempt at matching the magic of the game, it’s an entertaining adaptation that will keep you busy for a couple of hours when you watch it – then many more when you complain about it!

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Playing games inspired by pop culture, Football Manager, and the Mario series will keep you busy for many, many hours during the lockdown.

And if you want a break from the games and fancy something a bit more educational, I advise that you watch some personal and professional development videos – it’ll give you something more tangible than the fun you get from the great games I’ve suggested.


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