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5 of the Best Pieces of Gaming Tech for a More Exciting Online Experience



Gaming Tech

Online gaming is rapidly becoming one of the most popular activities in the world. According to figures from 2018, the global gaming audience is estimated to stand somewhere between 2.2 and 2.4 billion people. There are more than 37 million gamers in the UK alone, engaging in a growing market that is forecast to reach a value of over $180 billion in revenues in 2021. People like to play games on their smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and other connected devices as well as dedicated games consoles. The gaming experience can be improved by investing in certain pieces of tech that can help make the online experience more exciting, faster, more reactive, and more immersive.


Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets offer two key features that can improve gameplay and keep players online for longer – high-quality audio filtered directly into the ears which won’t disturb other members of the household, and a microphone to facilitate in-game communication. A headset can be used for almost any multi-player game, such as role-playing games or live camera action games such as poker. Playing live cam versions of online poker allows players to communicate directly with their opponents and, crucially, see their expressions while playing, which contributes towards being able to read the other players to determine whether they are bluffing. Gaming headphones also offer top quality sound at a fraction of the cost of a decent speaker rig and are designed to be super-comfortable even when being worn for hours.

Gaming Keyboard

Dedicated gaming keyboards are designed specifically with gamers in mind, with plenty of features that make them worth the investment. Mechanical keys are much easier and faster to press than those on regular membrane keyboards, enabling players to type much faster and action decisions more quickly. As most gamers know, there are often occasions when milliseconds matter – gaming keyboards provide players with a noticeable speed advantage. They are also built with comfort as a top priority, which can help prevent fatigue or discomfort in the hands and wrists when getting involves in gameplay for hours on end. This type of keyboard is particularly advantageous to players of large-scale MMORPGs that require a large time commitment.


Gaming Mouse

One of the top answers given by pro gamers when questioned about the most essential piece of equipment they use is a professional gaming mouse. A gaming mouse has multiple additional features that make it superior in every way to a regular mouse or trackpad when playing games. Many are customizable, allowing the player to set up the mouse to their own specifications in terms of weight, sensitivity, button configuration, and other factors, and these devices will feature several more than the usual complement of buttons. Gaming mouse manufacturers spend time researching the human hand in a variety of grip formats when developing a new product, so each design is ergonomic and can be handled for long periods of time without the player beginning to feel aches in their wrists, fingers or hands. The sensitivity is one of the key benefits of a gaming mouse, which will react precisely to the most incremental of movements. This tech is especially good for players of games where precision is essential, such as puzzle games or first-person shooters.

Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop combines the portability of a smartphone or tablet with a larger screen to facilitate playing for longer without getting eye strain. While a decent gaming laptop does not come cheap, it can be several hundred pounds cheaper than a full PC rig. Gaming laptops are also ideal for organizing games parties with friends, as they can be thrown into a rucksack and brought along to any event. As the name suggests, gaming laptops have been designed specifically with gaming in mind, so priority features usually include a fast processor, excellent graphics card, and RGB backlighting on the keyboard as standard. Gaming laptops are a great choice for people that like to play online but in social situations, such as gathering at a friend’s house to enjoy a few hours’ communal gameplay.


Curved Monitor

Curved monitors can create a far more immersive experience when playing games online at home, creating a more realistic interpretation of the games’ universe and encouraging intense, single-minded focus. Curved monitors are also much easier on the eyes, which can be very useful for those that tend to sit in front of the screen playing games for hours on end. On a curved monitor, all the images on the screen are equidistant from the eyes, which means the eyes do not have to move as much to follow the action. Curved monitors can make a difference to players who prefer games where the graphics are one of the most appealing features, such as MMORPGs.


Investing in a gaming computer and all peripheral technology can be a big financial commitment. However, for the dedicated gamer, the payback is enormous, with faster and more accurate play, the ability to run even the largest and most complex games, and a whole host of additional features designed to make gameplay easier, more physically comfortable and more exciting. Most gaming computers will come with good quality, fast processor, and a decent graphics card as standard, which are the two most essential pieces of tech required for online gaming. 



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