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5 Social Media Mistakes Government Organizations Commit



Of late, people are increasingly recognizing the immense power of social media so much so that 90% of organizations in the US alone are effectively making its use. Succumbing to this, even Government organizations are using social media platforms significantly. But none of us can deny that this power of social media goes both ways – positive and negative.

If not used with care, it can lead to horrendous mistakes considering the low budgets of government organizations. To help you prevent the damage, I have listed a few common mistakes that most of these government organizations commit.

1. Failing To Set A Target

In order to be successful in any task, it is important to establish a target that they want to achieve. If you are clear in your head as to what you want out of the task, it’ll be easier for you to make the best of it. The same goes for social media.

Before you set out to plan your social media activities, you must be clear about what you want to achieve through those activities. Putting up unrelated, random content because you don’t have a particular target will drive your audience away.

2. Failing To Create A Strong Strategy

This point is closely related to the first point. If you don’t have a target, it’s impossible to come up with a strategy. On the flip side, once you set a target for your organization’s social media profiles, you should brainstorm about how you can achieve it. A good strategy includes everything, down to the most minute of details.

All your posts, the content they contain, the duration between them, your messaging, and your aesthetic should be a part of your strategy and act as stepping stones for achieving the ultimate target you’ve established.

3. Lack Of Engagement

Any social media activity can be a success only if the followers are thoroughly engaged. If you keep posting on your accounts but there is little engagement on those posts, your message won’t be reaching more than a handful of people.

You can’t simply post one-dimensional details about the working of your organization and expect people on the platform to talk about it. You will have to provide them with interesting facts, some videos showing the working of your organization and so on.

You can also engage your followers by organizing small quizzes on your profile about your organization or create posts that contain some little-known facts and will motivate them to share it with their friends. It’s always best to hire a professional social media manager as they will be aware of all the tactics that can boost engagement.

4. Spend Smartly

Managing a social media account for a public sector organization is no easy task. It requires a lot of effort to create an account that will be liked by people. Moreover, it also takes up quite a bit of money to manage these accounts.

Most public sector organizations don’t have a lot of foods that they can tap into for managing several social media accounts. That’s why, instead of trying to maintain an account on many different platforms with little money in hand, it’s better that you create an account on the platforms your target audience is most active on.

It will take some research to know what that platform is but once you know, create an account there. This will help you in focusing your funds and creating good content for a majority of your target audience.

5. Not Archiving Social Media Accounts

It is very important to monitor your social media profiles. You must have a database that clearly indicates which post was uploaded on which days. Moreover, you must also archive all of your posts. Archiving will help you in many ways.

Your social media team would be able to refer to any posts from the past in order to get some ideas about new content. Archives will also be useful for any legal matters. In matters of big government organizations, it’s common to see some claims or the other relating to some violations flying around.

With your archives, you’ll be able to defend yourself easily. In order to save time, you can look for an automated archiving tool to help you in archiving all of your social media profiles. Stillio is one such tool to help you with that. Learn how you can archive your website and social media profiles here.

If you want your government organization’s social media account to be a hit, you must ensure that you avoid all of these mistakes.


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