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5 Ways To Keep Your Games Console Clean



You probably haven’t given much thought to how dirty your games console is, but if you did you would probably be surprised at the results. A recent survey across a number of games consoles bought up some interesting results – including the fact that your toilet seat is probably cleaner than your PlayStation, who knew?

The good news is that keeping your games console clean doesn’t have to be a major hassle and with some easy tips, you can avoid it becoming the home for numerous bacteria and germs.

Pay Attention To The Controllers

The controllers are probably the dirtiest part of your console according to recent research – so you should make sure these are cleaned. The good news is that keeping them clean is easy – a wipe over with a cleaning wipe should do the job. Make sure you do this regularly and especially when you have had friends over and they have borrowed your controllers.

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Dust The Console

You should make sure that the main console is clean and dust-free – I bet down the back of your games console there is plenty of dust. Get a dry cloth and give all of this a dust; it shouldn’t take too long. In fact, you should add dusting your games console to the household routine for getting chores done. It is easy to forget things like games consoles, especially if they’re stored under the TV or somewhere we don’t pay much attention to, but they do need dusting so make sure you add this to your cleaning schedule.

Start New Habits

One of the best ways to keep your games console clean is to start some new habits. For example, throwing your controller on the floor and leaving it there when you have finished playing isn’t the best way to get it clean. Instead, make sure you put everything away properly. Not only does this mean they’ll stay cleaner but it means that all of your gaming accessories are likely to last much longer too, and who doesn’t like having better value for money?

Introduce It To Your Cleaning Routine

The chances are you have a rough schedule when it comes to cleaning some of your home. You’ll have days where you change the bedding or mop all of the floors. Up until now, you have probably not even considered your games console in this, but that is something that you should introduce. By adding it to your routine, you’ll soon get into the habit of it and it won’t seem like a chore anymore. The more often you clean it the less dirty it will be which will make your whole life easier.

Get Everyone on Board

If you share your games console with friends or family then tell them your new habits and ask for their help. Get them to wash their hands before they use your console and put it away properly when they have finished, and you’ll find the whole thing stays much cleaner!


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