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A Homeowner Guide to Selecting the Best Exhaust Fan



Although the need for a bathroom or kitchen exhaust is easy to forget when refurbishing your house or room, keep in mind that this simple feature helps keep your home environment comfortable and safe. In addition to reducing indoor odours, an exhaust fan eliminates excess moisture that could otherwise lead to harmful moulds and mildew. Reputable brands like Luminous offer a vast array of selection, with varied exhaust fan prices and functions. However, first, let’s understand the importance of exhaust fans in detail, before you decide to invest in one.

Image Courtesy: Luminous

Importance of Exhaust Fans

Not only does proper ventilation remove excess room, it directs excess moisture outside the room. This moisture, if left unattended, can cause major problems down the road. Mould and mildew enjoy warm, dark conditions, so moist bathroom or kitchen air should never be allowed to rest in such an area inside your home.

Similarly, while cleaning the bathroom with household chemicals, proper ventilation is necessary. Many off-the-shelf items contain chlorine or other chemicals with a noticeable smell that can only be used with sufficient ventilation. When sweeping, turning on the bathroom exhaust fan helps get rid of those smells effectively. After the fan is off, opening nearby windows is also a brilliant idea, as this will also bring some fresh air in.

Types of Exhaust Fan

There is a wide array of exhaust fans available to choose from:

  • Metal Fans– Metal exhaust fans with guards are available in 150 mm (6 “), 230 mm (9 “), and 300 mm (12 “) sweeps (Sturdy safety and security bird guards). For extra safety and security, premium brands such as Luminous offer metal fans with guards.
  • Plastic Shutter Fans- On the outside, these fans have plastic shutters closed while the fan is not in service, so they help prevent water, wind, and birds from entering. The following sweep sizes are available for these fans: -150 mm (6 “)-200 mm (8 “)-250 mm (10 “). The exhaust fan price is also affordable.
  • Plastic Axial Fans- Usually, these are used to draw air from one side of the room to the other side. The best use is to have an air conditioner in one room, allowing others to move cool air through the partition to another small room. If there is no exhaust wall in the washroom, these fans can move stale air to the outside wall via a false ceiling.

Along with these variables, there are trusted brands like Luminous that offer two exhaust fans’ speeds. Normal speed exhaust fans can be used for temperate climates, and High-speed fans can be used for tropical climates.

Care and Maintenance of Fans

Do you need a quick test to see how well your exhaust fan works? To find out if the fan is functioning, you can take a piece of paper and hold it in front of the unit. If the fan is blowing the paper, it’s still running. It is just as critical as any other cleaning job in your home to have a clean and working fan in your bathroom. Even though the exhaust fan price in the market is low, one must avoid repairs and clean the fans regularly.

Here are a few steps that will help make your exhaust fan dirt-free:

  1. Switch the fan off at the breaker or click on the circuit. There should be no flow of electricity.
  2. Get the cover off. Gently, take off the fan cover. To loosen the fan cover, pinch gently if there are metal pins/spring clips on either side.
  3. Clean the cover of the fan in a sink with warm water and soap.
  4. Get the fixture unplugged.
  5. Remove visible screws and motor, depending on the model of your fan.
  6. With a damp cloth, clean the fan blades and surrounding motor parts.
  7. Clean the vent and surrounding area of the exhaust. Before removing your vent cover, let it dry out.

This way, your exhaust fans will function properly for a long period.

Vent Out All Moisture with an Exhaust Fan

It isn’t an easy job to pick an exhaust fan. It would help if you had a fan that’s strong enough to eliminate humidity and odour from your bathroom, or a specific room. Simultaneously, without causing any loud, buzzing, or irritating noises in your home, the exhaust fan you choose should perform its job. Check out the best exhaust fans from brands like Luminous and create a well-ventilated home. Afterall, when you breathe better, you live better!


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