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Amazon Asks employees to delete TikTok immediately



On Friday, Amazon tells its employees to remove Tik Tok form their devices immediately but later The company said, the directive had been sent by mistake. In a statement given by the company, the spokesperson said an email urging employees to immediately remove the short-video app from their devices was sent “in error.”

“There is no change to our policies right now with regard to TikTok,” the spokesperson said.
In its earlier email to employees Friday morning, obtained by CNN, Amazon (AMZN) said that due to “security risks, the TikTok app is no longer permitted on mobile devices that access Amazon email.”
Accessing TikTok from company laptops would still be permitted, the email said, but mobile devices would be cut off from Amazon email unless the app was removed by July 10.
The original email appeared to catch TikTok off guard. In a statement earlier Friday, a TikTok spokesperson said Amazon “did not communicate to us before sending their email, and we still do not understand their concerns.”
“We welcome a dialogue so we can address any issues they may have and enable their team to continue participating in our community,” the spokesperson added. “We’re proud that tens of millions of Americans turn to TikTok for entertainment, inspiration, and connection, including many of the Amazon employees and contractors who have been on the frontlines of this pandemic.”

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