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Amazon reportedly delays Prime Day until September as it works to restore normal shipping



Amazon may delay its Prime Day promotional event until September as it tries to regain its footing amid a surge in demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic, The Wall Street Journal reported. Usually held over the summer, Prime Day has become a cash cow for Amazon; the 2019 event brought in an estimated $7 billion.

But like many online retailers, Amazon has had challenges keeping up with customer demand for home delivery during the pandemic. In March, the company said it would “temporarily prioritize” shipments of essential items like medical supplies and household products to help keep up with orders.

Amazon has also come under scrutiny for how it has been treating workers during the pandemic, with work stoppages and widespread complaints from warehouse workers that say the company has not done enough to protect them from the spread of the virus.

During its first quarter earnings call last month, Amazon said it expects to spend at least $4 billion just on COVID-19-related expenses. The company reported $4 billion in operating income for the quarter and net sales of $75.5 billion.

Reports that Amazon was planning to delay Prime Day until at least August began swirling last month. Reuters reported that the company expected to lose $100 million “from excess devices it may now have to sell at a discount” due to the delay.

Last year, Amazon said that Prime Day 2019 — which was actually two days, July 15th and 16th — was the largest shopping event in the company’s history. Amazon also said that the two-day Prime Day 2019 saw the “two biggest days ever for member signups.”

An Amazon spokesperson declined to comment to The Verge on Thursday.


When Big American Companies Planning To Reopen Their Offices



Some Of the big American Companies planing to recall employees slowly this summer and others are planning to go back in fall or wait until then to decide. While some big American Giant plan to work remotely until at least next year and a select few are making remote work permanent.

Here we make a list of the top American Companies planning to get back to work from Offices and to call the staff according to multiple work strategies.


IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said in June that “thousands of employees have returned to facilities in seven states, and four more states and Puerto Rico will reopen on June 29. The IRS continues to focus on nonportable work and will reopen facilities in remaining states on July 13.”

Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s reopening procedure started June 15, permitting 25% occupancy of buildings and “social distancing protocols of at least 6 feet,” according to internal documents obtained by CNN.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs confirmed to HuffPost that a small number of employees reported back to offices in New York, Jersey City, Dallas and Salt Lake City beginning Monday, June 22; Morgan Stanley employees’ return to U.S. offices will be sometime after the the July 4 weekend.


Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat told Bloomberg in an interview in late May that he hopes to return about 5% of staff to Citigroup’s main building in Manhattan in July or August.


Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a blog post that starting July 6, “assuming external conditions allow, we’ll start to open more buildings in more cities,” but did not specify which. “This will give Googlers who need to come back to the office—or, capacity permitting, who want to come back—the opportunity to return.”


Verizon Media, HuffPost’s parent company, said that U.S. employees will be working from home through at least September. “As of now, most of Verizon Media’s employees in the U.S. will remain in a work from home situation through the end of September. We are currently assessing what we will do after that time, and expect to have a decision about what will happen after September 30th,” a Verizon Media spokesperson said.


Amazon said employees in roles that allow them to work effectively from home “are welcome to do so until at least October 2.“ (The company has been criticized for forcing its warehouse workers to do their jobs in crowded, unsafe conditions.)

The New York Times

The New York Times said that “no employee will be required to return before January if they do not feel comfortable doing so,” according to an email sent to staff.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that anyone who can work from home is welcome to do so at least through 2020,” and that in 10 years, he expects 50% of his company’s workforce to be remote.


CNN President Jeff Zucker told staff in a late May memo, “We expect that the majority of you will not be able to return to our offices this calendar year.”

Shopify and Twitter

Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke said offices will be closed until 2021 and after that, most employees will be remote in a permanent capacity.

Twitter announced in May that most employees can now work from home forever.

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Fujitsu Allows employees to work from home permanently



The Japanese Technology firm Fujitsu announced the Work From Home plan for its employees permanently. The company said it will divide it’s office space in Japan and will let the Employees to work from home during the COVID 19 pandemic. has said it will halve its office space in Japan as it adapts to the “new normal” of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fujitsu Limited is a Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In 2018, it was the world’s fourth-largest IT services provider measured by global IT services revenue

The Office staff will have flexible hours to work from home and will have to work as per the standards wherever they work. It says the “Work Life Shift” programme will offer unprecedented flexibility to its 80,000 workers in the country.

The announcement follows a similar move in May by social media platform Twitter.

In a statement sent to the BBC, Fujitsu said it “will introduce a new way of working that promises a more empowering, productive, and creative experience for employees that will boost innovation and deliver new value to its customers and society”.

Under the plan employees will “begin to primarily work on a remote basis to achieve a working style that allows them to flexibly use their time according to the contents of their work, business roles, and lifestyle”.

The company also said the programme would allow staff to choose where they worked, whether that was from home, a major corporate hub or a satellite office.

Fujitsu believes that that the increased autonomy offered to its workers will help to improve the performance of teams and increase productivity.

Sree Sreenivasan, visiting professor of digital innovation at the Stony Brook University School of Journalism, said the announcement underlined the huge long-term impact of the pandemic on the way many of us work.

“This is yet another sign that everything we know about offices and the future of work is being upended. Thousands of employers and millions of employees are learning the pros and cons of the new normal.”

“If they can combine the best of the pros (less commuting, more productivity, less expenses, etc), while minimising the cons (lack of in-person bonding, never being off the clock, etc), millions will be grateful, while frustrating thousands who preferred the old way of life,” he added.

The social media platform said: “The past few months have proven we can make that work. So if our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen.”


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iOS 14: 6 Amazing features will fall you in love with your iPhone



iOS 14 Features

Apple has already announced a new release, and the final update may come in September this year. If you are thinking to buy a new phone, you must go through these amazing iOS 14 features that will make you fall in love with the iPhone. Till now, the only Beta version is there, both developer and user Beta version. So if you want to try out the functionality of iOS14, you can download a beta version and check it out. Scroll down to know more!

There is no official announcement but a wave is going over the internet that iOS 14 will come with iPhone 12 this year. However, there is no confirmed news yet! Undoubtedly, iOS14 is coming up with a bundle of features. So, we are now going to jump on the amazing features that you may get in iOS14.

How to install iOS 14 beta on your iPhone right now

iOS 14 features you will s on your iPhones

1) Home Screen


Widgets provide you helpful information on a single click, so with the release of iOS14 Widgets can now be placed on the home screen. Choose whichever widget you want to place, in different sizes and you can arrange them according to your choice.

Pile the widgets together to arrange Home Screen in a better way. You can also add a Smart Stack of widgets intelligently curated based on the apps you use most, and the right widget will show up automatically at the right time in your day.

App Library

The new app library arranged all your app into a simple grouping scheme. Apps are categorized into different sections. Most used apps are just one tap away.

Compact Calls

Now the calls will not take up your whole screen. Calls from iPhone. Face-time and Third-party apps now will not take up the whole screen and will be shown in a compacted way on the top of the screen.

Picture in Picture

you can use other apps while you are in face time.

Also, if you are watching a video, you can navigate to other apps simultaneously.

Pin Conversations

You can PIn up to 9 conversations at the top of your conversation list to access them on a single tap.

2) Group Chats

Type a name to direct a message to someone. When you are mentioned, your name is highlighted. You can even customize an active group so you only receive notifications when you are mentioned.

Now you can reply directly to a specific message in a group conversation. You can view replies in the full conversation or as their own thread for a more focused view.

New emoji and stickers are always exiting. it makes our conversation more compelling.

3) Maps: iOS 14 features

Explore the world with these brand new changes in maps. New maps come up with cycling Directions and electric vehicle routing.

Get cycling directions using bike lanes, paths, and roads. get information about elevation, steeps, stairs, busy streets, etc.

now it is easy to find a charging station along the way and you can plan the trip accordingly.

4) Translations

Live conversation translations are available.

You can also go for On-device translations. Use all the app features for downloaded languages and keep your translations private without needing to turn off your phone’s internet connection.

You can save translations in the favorite tab for easy access.

5) Modified SIRI

SIRI will be seen in a compact design without disturbing the activity you are doing.

It now has over 20x more facts.

Siri can now help you find answers to a broader set of questions by using information from across the web.

Send audio messages with SIRI to be more expressive.

6) Safari

A fast, powerful, and private browsing is always attractive and that’s what you get here with Safari.

Safari warns you if your password is not strong.

Tap the Privacy reports button to know how websites treat your privacy.

An early version of iOS 14 has been floating around the internet for months

Final Verdict

Hey friends, these are some new and exciting features that you will get with iOS 14. This is not the end of the list. There are many more features such as Start your car with iPhone, Recording indicator to information that an app is using a camera. That’s amazing ios 14 features! Isn’t it?

Share your feedback. Mention in comments if your need to know more!

Thank you!

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