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Apex Legends Season 5: Most popular Legends Announced



New Apex Legends details have uncovered the most mainstream Legends to use in season five – and any reasonable person would agree that Loba hasn’t exactly stirred up the meta at this time.

With the beginning of any new Apex Legends season, Respawn Entertainment gets the opportunity to roll out some general improvements. The devs typically include another legend just as nerfs and buffs for different characters that have been around for some time.

Despite the fact that long time players have developed their preferred legends to utilize, when another character drop, they as a rule consider a to be in use as everybody needs to get to grasps with them. Be that as it may, it shows up as though Loba hasn’t yet gotten through as one of the top-picked legends in-game.

List of Most played Legends in Apex Legends

  1. Wraith: 31.95%
  2. Pathfinder: 10.56%
  3. Lifeline: 8.73%
  4. Caustic: 7.44%
  5. Bangalore: 7.22%
  6. Bloodhound: 6.41%
  7. Octane: 6.40%
  8. Mirage: 6.28%
  9. Wattson: 5.52%
  10. Gibraltar: 3.73%
  11. Crypto: 2.94%
  12. Revenant: 2.63%

Figures correct for week beginning May 18, 2020. PC only.

Where is Loba?

Pick rate details have not been accommodated Loba yet, yet as per details delivered by Apex Tracker, the new legend obviously fits directly in with the least played characters – positioning simply above Crypto in their discoveries at 4.2%.

In spite of accepting a quite critical buff, Mirage despite everything hasn’t broken into the most played legends. As indicated by Apex Tracker, his 5.2% use rate is fourth-most exceedingly awful, however on DreamTeam, he climbs a spot and has a 6.28% use rate on PC. It’s as yet a stamped improvement from where he was previously however.

Clearly, these rankings don’t speak to the most impressive legends in-game – however simply the most well known ones up to now in season five.

As could be, regardless of whether your preferred legend isn’t as well known as other in the event that you’re OK with playing as them, at that point you’re basically set. Except if they get a nerf in the coming weeks, that is.


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