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Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro (2020) review: return to baseline



The most interesting — and most common — questions I’ve received about this new 13-inch MacBook Pro aren’t about the laptop itself, at least not directly. They’re about comparison shopping it up against other MacBooks and even other Windows laptops. For Apple, that’s actually good news because, up until recently, most of the questions would have been “is the keyboard going to break?”

It’s good news for Apple, but it’s much better news for people in the market to buy a new MacBook because it means you don’t have to second-guess yourself. I can’t definitively say the new Magic Keyboard will be reliable long term, but all signs point to that. It doesn’t hurt that it provides a much nicer (and quieter!) typing experience.

As I and others have said, we shouldn’t give Apple too much credit for just fixing this keyboard. After years of problems, it’s a return to baseline functionality. It’s not a whole lot more than that, however.

Apple hangs on to laptop designs for much longer than other companies. It’s fortunate, then, that they’re generally nice designs. Other than swapping out the keyboard and thereby adding a millimeter of thickness and a few grams of weight, this 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro is identical to the last few dating back to 2016. Unlike last November’s 16-inch MacBook Pro, nothing else is changed here.

That means the 13.3-inch screen still goes up to a bright 500 nits, but the bezels around it are still a little large by current standards. The speakers, mics, and overall build quality are above average. It’s a MacBook, and chances are good you know what that means when it comes to hardware. That includes the 720p webcam, which is not great.

The side view of a 2020 Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch showing two Thunderbolt 3 ports and the headphone jack

The new MacBook Pro is about 1mm thicker than the last model to accommodate the new keyboard.

The scissor-switch mechanism underneath the keys on the Magic Keyboard provides one millimeter of travel, a firm bounce, and a more resonant thunk than the butterfly keyboard. The keys are stable, backlit, and, well, you know what? It’s an excellent keyboard. I’m glad for the real Esc key, and I prefer the inverted T setup for arrow keys.

There’s also Touch ID for logging in, but at a certain point, I’d like to see Apple figure out how to catch up to Windows Hello and allow face login. Touch ID is fast, at least, and well-integrated with Apple’s apps and a handful of other well-designed Mac apps.

In between Touch ID and the Esc key is ye olde Touch Bar. Even after using it for four years, it has yet to truly grow on me. I have finally managed to include it in my workflows. Enough apps take advantage of it now that I find myself putting in the extra effort to make sure it’s set up properly app by app. I also put in the (significantly larger) effort to figure out how to customize it with Better Touch Tool.

A screenshot of the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar customized using Better Touch Tool

A customized Touch Bar using Better Touch Tool, with a dock, calendar, weather, Spotify controls, and mute / sleep button. Volume and brightness controlled by gestures.

Even so, I can’t get over the feeling that the Touch Bar remains underutilized at best and unnecessary at worst. I wouldn’t miss it if it were gone, but at least it doesn’t actively frustrate me.

A 2020 Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with the display on and keyboard visible

The MacBook Pro’s overall design is the same as prior models

There are really two new 13-inch MacBook Pros. The “base” model has older 8th Gen Intel processors and only two Thunderbolt 3 ports. I haven’t tested this one, but I do think it’s an odd duck. I think most people looking at it would be better off with either a MacBook Air or stepping up to the more powerful version of the MacBook Pro.

I’ve been testing that more powerful version, with a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 16GB of LPDDR4X RAM, and a 512GB SSD. Relative to my three-year-old MacBook Pro with similar specs, it is a noticeable upgrade in speed and performance across the board. If you have a newer machine, you might not notice as big a difference.

One of the big benefits of this upgraded model is the improved Intel Iris Plus graphics. (There’s no separate GPU option.) Apple claims Final Cut exports will be 60 percent faster, for example. What’s surprised me slightly, however, is how apps that don’t traditionally take advantage of new GPUs in Apple machines fared. Adobe Premiere exports haven’t matched the midrange 16-inch MacBook Pro we tested last year, but they’ve outperformed my expectations.

If your “pro” work is pushing your computer with lots of running apps and even more browser tabs, I’m happy to say that the computer kept up with most of what I threw at it. At one point last week, I had Chrome and Safari open with 10 or so tabs each, plus a couple of Electron apps, Lightroom CC, Zoom, and QuickTime. On top of that, one of those tabs was running a videoconference over WebRTC, and I was recording audio via Audio Hijack and using Bluetooth headphones.

With all that, the fans were spinning, but nothing was chugging. One of the best things about using a more powerful computer is you are free to be a little more thoughtless about what you leave open and running in the background. I didn’t have to worry about quitting apps when I wanted to open new ones… as long as I left it plugged in.

If there’s a blemish on this performance picture, it’s battery life, which just barely rises above disappointing. Apple claims 10 hours of web use, but with my usual workload, I was getting about five. My standard daily set of apps is maybe more than average, but it’s not a ridiculous amount. I kept screen brightness at around 70 percent, but we’re talking about Slack, TweetDeck, Lightroom, Spotify, Mail, and a few other apps.

That includes Chrome, of course, which Apple’s battery monitor rightly identifies as a battery hog. By switching out to Safari and limiting my use of Chromium-based Electron apps (except Spotify because… come on), I was able to push it to near six hours. I expect I could squeeze out more if I further limited myself to more battery-efficient apps and dialed back the brightness. But that’s not how I use my computers, and I doubt that most MacBook Pro users are so diligent about app usage anyway.

Those battery results aren’t terminal (pardon the pun) for my feelings about this MacBook, but they’re not great. For a long time, one of Apple’s biggest strengths compared to Windows machines was its ability to outlast them. That’s not really the case anymore. We’ve seen plenty of 13-inch Windows laptops last longer between charges under similar workflows.

An Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch from above

The MacBook Pro’s trackpad is still the largest you can get on a 13-inch laptop

Apple’s 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro is a competent, dependable computer. The upgraded model with the 10th Gen Intel processors outperformed my expectations in terms of speed and power even if it didn’t really impress me on battery life. I would like to see a bigger redesign next time, but that doesn’t mean this design is a problem. It’s just familiar in a time when much of the competition is finding ways to slim their bezels.

The whole point of the 13-inch Pro is to give you a little more headroom for running more powerful (or just more) apps than the MacBook Air can really handle without groaning under the load. It’s meant to be the machine you can take for granted. Now that the keyboard is fixed, I’m looking forward to doing just that.


Top Rated Interior Designers That Will Change Life of Your House



Closely related to architecture, interior designing is the planning and designing to human-made spaces like the interior of your home. It is generally associated with the rich and the famous, but that is a very wrong notion. Anybody can access information regarding interior designing, and you will find that many people hire professional help to design their homes to make the best use of the space they have. The art of creating a household takes quite a bit of thought, and it is not an easy take. Of course, one can just put whatever they want in any space they want, but that will not only look unflattering but will also hinder the functionality of the room.

A good plan of the design will not only make your home look beautiful but will make it more efficient. No matter what your taste or choice is you can.


Why Do You Need An Interior Designer?


There are many wrong notions associated with interior designing. Many people think only the rich and famous hire decorates to make their homes look fancy. Others believe that there is no need to hire professionals and to read magazines on interior decorating is a waste of time because everyone knows how to make their homes look beautiful and aesthetic. It depends on subjective preferences and thinks someone else to do it is nothing but a waste of money.

People also feel that their previous generations have also decorated them by themselves, so why can’t they do it. You have to realise that interior decorating is a proper discipline and it takes years of study to be a master of it. This discipline is not just to make a space look aesthetic, it is also a science. As per the best Interior designers in Mumbai it takes a lot of planning and effort to be a perfect decorator. Of course, you do not need to be a professional to get the basic ideas behind transforming your home in a more scientifically proven way to make it more functional. The primary common knowledge that has been passed down through generations has real scientific backing, and that is the main reason these commonly held ideas regarding designing is still prevalent.


Interior designing is not just for making the home look aesthetic. Many interior decorators are hired to plan office spaces, shopping malls, showrooms, restaurants, etc. The interior decorator is hired to not only make the look of the space exquisite but to make it the best. The ideal interior design will be a reflection of the person who you will stay in the home and will be an efficient show that the person will not have any problems living in that space.

The designer will also try to keep the cost low and use recyclable materials so that pressure on the earth and its resources is least. The designer also has to use long-lasting and durable materials for the pieces installed in the house. So you can very well understand the designer has to keep a lot of things in mind. Just adding bits to make a place look beautiful is not enough, and one has to understand the science behind designing before one can truly grasp the concept of interior designing.

Popular Styles Of Interior Designing You Can Choose For Your Home



 If you want a warm look that is not at all formal and has the charm of a farmhouse then you should go for the rustic look. You can make use of clay pieces as well as plants to decorate your house. Go for warm colours and furniture made of straw or jute to make it look more authentic.

Coastal Beach House

If you are a fan of the beaches and like the beautiful beach houses found in the coastal region, you can build your home in a similar style. This is quite popular nowadays. It is not possible to escape to the beaches with our busy schedule, so it is better to bring the beaches to our homes. Use colours like blue and green to give it a perfect look. You can also use lamps and other furniture which are decorated with shells.


This is a popular design, and most environmental activists advocate it. The carbon footprint left behind by minimalist designers is the least. Eco-friendly options for most items are now found in stores. These options are also cost-effective.


Traditional looks depending upon your culture is a great choice which can never go wrong. You can incorporate a classic look with a modern solution to make the interior of your home the perfect reflection of your personality.


Choose the perfect design for your house and do proper research before you select the pieces. There are plenty of options available for you in the market, so you do not need to rush or settle for something that you don’t like.


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Best Word to PDF converter of 2020



best word to pdf converter

Searching for PDF converter to convert word files into PDFs? If yes, then you are lucky to land here as we have listed the best word to PDF converter 2020 for your ease.

Whenever you want to share documents with other people then PDFs are more convenient than word files. Indeed PDF represents your documents in your desired way, doesn’t matter on which device they are opened up. For providing a professional touch to your docs PDFs play a vital role and there are tons of word to PDF converter over the internet. Choosing the best one may daunting so we did a research and examined several tools. And after that picked the ideal ones to suggest you.

Let’s check out what are the best word to PDF converter software 2020:

Best Word to PDF converter 2020


Price: $79 yearly

Compatible with: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X 10.7

Wondershare PDFElement is a top of the line PDF transformation and altering apparatus. It bolsters all Microsoft Office organizes however can change over from a wide scope of picture document types.

The fundamental toolbar in Wondershare PDFElement incorporates choices for clump changing over from Word records and consolidating Word reports into a solitary PDF. The apparatuses function admirably at making a precise portrayal of the Word archive in PDF group, however, we found that bunch changing over numerous enormous Word records one after another could make the program quit reacting.

The PDFElement change device likewise doesn’t have the prompt adaptability of Foxit PhantomPDF as far as determining edges, record authorizations, and watermarks upon import. Be that as it may, the vigorous arrangement of group preparing devices permits you to make bunch changes to your PDFs after you’ve imported them.

Wondershare PDFElement is accessible from $69/year for the most fundamental form, however, you’ll have to pay $79/year for the Proform that incorporates bunch preparing. Generally speaking, it’s well worth considering, as its PDF altering apparatuses are the absolute generally natural to utilize.

2. Nitro Pro

Price: Free/$159

Compatible with: Windows, online

The next software that worth mentioning in the list of the best word to PDF converter is Nitro Pro.

There are two adaptations of Nitro PDF to Word Converter, a work area application for Windows and an online rendition, that is free. We’ll think about the subsequent one.

Free online PDF to Word Converter permits transferring various documents and picking various organizations (counting Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). When your record is changed over, it will be sent to you by means of email. Perhaps the greatest detriment is that each email address is constrained to five record transformations for each month, the breaking point that, without a doubt, limits.

3.Soda PDF

Price:  $10-$15 Monthly plan, $48-$84 yearly plan

In the event that you need PDF programming that can accomplish something other than convert from Word to PDF, consider Soda PDF. This product rivals Adobe Acrobat Pro in its highlights, permitting you to change over between a broad rundown of document designs and alter your made PDFs. A Soda PDF permit gets you access to both the ground-breaking on the web manager and disconnected work area application.

You can make a PDF from any Word record, and union different Word archives into a solitary PDF. You can even group convert Word archives into individual PDFs.


Price: Free

Functions online

Online2PDF is one of the speediest and most straightforward approaches to change over PDF’s to Word records or many other Microsoft Office document types. A one-stop PDF apparatus, Online2PDF is accessible in six unique dialects making it one of the most famous and available online converters.

In contrast to some progressively moderate converters, Online2PDF jelly PDF comments during change with the goal that remarks and alters are spared into your new archive. Online2PDF even offers mass transformations, ideal for those hoping to work with a wide range of documents simultaneously.


Price: $12 per month, $108 yearly

Works Online

The next software in the list of the best word to PDF converter is Smallpdf. It is an online PDF manager with a work area adaptation accessible on the off chance that you purchase the Pro bundle. This converter is a reasonable decision in the event that you just need to play out a couple of changes among Word and PDF. Its fundamental highlights are free, however, you’re constrained to each change in turn.

Other than changing over among Word and PDF, you can consolidation, split, and perform basic PDF altering. The altering highlights are very essential, just permitting you to include text, pictures, and shapes, so in the event that you have to alter PDFs regularly, you ought to most likely investigate other converter choices.

CamScanner alternatives


Word docs are not portable with other software and to solve this hurdle PDF converter does a pretty good job. I think now you are ready to select the word to PDF converter from the list to send your word docs with a professional touch. If you found the post really informative then do share with your nears and dears.

Don’t forget to share if you are using any other word to PDF converter which we didn’t mention here. Still have queries regarding the best word to PDF converter 2020 then let us know below in the comment box.

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PS5 games: List of Games confirmed for the PlayStation 5



Confirmed PS5 titles

Sony’s next-gen gaming console PS5 is set to launch at the end on 2020 and gamers are curious which titles will hit the PS5. On June 11, Sony revealed the tons of  PS5 confirmed games in their official reveal event including FIFA 21 and Madden 21. The upcoming gaming machine would be compatible with most of the PS4 games but new titles are a hot topic currently. To satisfy your curiosity regarding confirmed PS5 games we are here with our compiled list of confirmed and expected PS5 titles.

In the official reveal event, Sony didn’t disclose the price of the upcoming console but they revealed 26 titles from both first-party and third-party studios. Here you can check all the announced titles along with confirmed once till the date. We will update our list whenever new announcements will take place.

PS5 Games – All the confirmed PS5 games


Recently Sony invested in Epic Games so we decided to put Fortnite list on the top. In May 2020 Fortnite was confirmed for PS5 and the battle royale title will be available at the launch. Somewhere in 2021, Fortnite will migrate to the Unreal engine.

2.FIFA 21

Good news for football game lovers! FIFA 21 is coming to PS5 with improved loading time and the wise use of smart sense controller’s haptic feedback attire. Electronic Arts also making significant changes for a better gaming experience.

PS5 release, price, games

3.Grand Theft Auto 5

In the June 11 event, Sony showcased the GTA 5 trailer and revealed that the upgraded version of GTA 5 will hit the PS5 in 2021. If you own a PS4 variant of GTA 5 then you are lucky enough as you will get the PS 5 version for free.

4.Battlefield 6

EA confirmed that Battlefield 6 is coming to PS5. Not only PS5 users but also those who own Xbox series X will enjoy Battlefield 6 in 2021. Developers are working on the new innovations that are required for next-gen gaming consoles.

5.Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red has confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 is making its way to PS5. Users who are playing the PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077 will be able to enjoy the PS5 variant as the consoled will launch via backward compatibility.

Also, the designer affirmed on Twitter that a “later move up to Cyberpunk 2077, exploiting the cutting edge equipment, will be accessible for nothing” at some point after dispatch.

6.Demon’s Souls (PS5 exclusive)

It’s been over a long time since Demon’s Souls disappointed us continually on PS3, and its mercilessly troublesome battle is back for the PS5 dispatch window. It’s being developed from the beginning Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games. You know, just on the off chance that you didn’t think 2020 was hard enough, this exemplary will make you need to toss that spic and span PS5 DualSense controller over the room out of frustration. Welcome to the unremitting experimentation battle!

7.Dying Light 2

In E3 2019 the developers of Dying Light have confirmed that Dying Light 2 is ready to hit the upcoming gaming console of Sony.

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