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Apple to repair Watch 5, Watch SE for free, to solve battery Problem issue.




  • OS 7.3.1 has been released by Apple company to fix the charging issue on Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch SE.
  • The battery-saving mode issue affects a very small population of Apple Watch users.
  • Apple Watch users get free repair of their watch if the recent update does not solve their charging problem.
  • Apple Support will examine whether the watch is eligible for service before giving free service.

Hi Readers!! There is good news for all the Apple watch users who are facing battery charging problems in their watch. Now the company is providing an update OS 7.3.1 to solve the user problems.

The company promising all their customers that the recent update will solve all the customer problems with the watch.

If due to any reason, updates not fix their problem, Apple watch users get free repair of their watch at their Authorised centers as customer satisfaction is the first priority of the company.

How to download OS 7.3.1

If you have these models and are having problems with battery-saving mode, you can update your Apple Watch software to OS 7.3.1.

As per Company Official:

“Users first update their smartwatch to OS 7.3.1. If the issue continues even after the software update, only then they can check out for the free repair service”.


  1. Apple Watch users can download OS 7.3.1 by going to My Watch > General > Software Update from the Watch app available on their connected Apple device to download the latest updates.
  2. The watch must be connected to its charger and have at least 50 percent of the battery to install the update. Alternatively, the new update can be downloaded directly from the Apple Watch.

How to check Apple Watch 5 Battery Troubles??

If you want to check if your watch faces this problem or not, you can put it on the charger and wait at least half an hour.


1. Place your Apple Watch 5 or Apple Watch SE on the charger.

2. Wait for at least half an hour.

3. If the Apple Watch begins charging, you don’t have any issues.

4. On the other hand, if the Watch fails to begin charging, you can contact Apple for a free service repair.

OS 7.3.1 Not solve the problem- What To Do??

If your Apple Watch won’t charge even after the update, you should contact Apple Support to set up a repair free of charge.

Also, it is important to note that the company will examine your affected Apple Watch prior to service to verify that it’s eligible for free repair.

Thanks for Reading!!

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