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Battlegrounds Mobile India APK download links is fake!! Check details



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  • Battlegrounds Mobile India APK download links are fake.
  • The official release date is yet to be announced.
  • The internet has been flooded with numerous download links for the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is yet to be announced, which means the game is not officially available for download. However, some unscrupulous elements have put up fake APK download links online.

This is practically impossible to play game via Apk because Battlegrounds Mobile India is not officially launched to date and these applications might just be some rip-offs of existing Mobile versions across the internet and can cause some problems if you download them.

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK download links is fake: Beware of Fake APK files

It is important for you to know that many of these links are fake and might also have malware in them. Fake links can be dangerous for your devices as they may allow hackers to gain access to your smartphones and help them steal sensitive data.

Several users have fallen prey to such malicious links which have damaged their smartphones. Amid growing speculations that the game could be launched soon, many people have been trying to find download links to the game on third-party websites. The company has asked its fans to have patience.

How To Download Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Similar to any other application, the game will be published on official application stores like Google Play and Apple App Store. Battlegrounds Mobile can only be downloaded from their official website.

We recommend you, refrain from downloading the game until it is officially released and do not try to test these fake counterparts for now. Battlegrounds Mobile India can be released very soon so wait patiently till the game is officially out.

What to expect from Battlegrounds Mobile India?

The India version of the battle royale game is expected to come with changes in the gameplay, clothes characters in the lobby at the beginning of the game, and other alterations as per directions by the government.

The company has also said that it is looking to better data security and ensure that the data of its users are safe and stored locally.

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