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Beauty filters bad for mental health, Google says, Pixel phones won’t use them by default



By using beauty filters one can hide dark circles, pimples, scars, etc from their selfies but now Google has decided to turn off the feature by default in its Pixel phones. Google also encouraging other OEMs for the same as beauty filters bad for mental health of the users.

Key Notes

  • After observing the adverse effect of beauty filters Google has announced to switch off beauty filters on its smartphones.
  • Google is also requesting OEMs and app developers to decline these features.
  • Google suggests the use of “Face retouching”.

Clicking selfies and updating them on social media platforms is the norm of today and that’s the reason behind the popularity of beauty filters. All the latest smartphones come with plenty of advanced features to offer users an enhanced photography experience. With beauty filters, an average or ugly looking person can click beautiful selfies by hiding real skin tone, and other flaws. But at the same time, these filters can have an adverse effect on your mental health.

With that, Google decided to turn off such features from its smartphones and also urged other Android OEMs to follow the same. Before taking this step Google conducted several studies and take the help of child and mental health experts around the globe. The investigations show that, when the face excellence channel is on as a matter of course and you’re uninformed, it quietly sets a delight standard that a few people look at themselves against — consequently adversely affecting one’s psychological prosperity.

Google said in a blog post, “We set out to better understand the effect filtered selfies might have on people’s wellbeing… especially when filters are on by default. We conducted multiple studies and spoke with the child and mental health experts from around the world, and found that when you’re not aware that a camera or photo app has applied a filter, the photos can negatively impact mental wellbeing. These default filters can quietly set a beauty standard that some people compare themselves against.”

With that, Google made a documentation for best practices for implementing face beauty filters — which recommends that they should be turned off by default. Google is also requesting Camera App Developers to stop utilizing features such as “beautification”. “touch up”, and “enhancement” and suggesting to use “Face Retouching” as a more neutral term.

Doesn’t matter OMEs would follow the practice or not, Google is following its own suggestion, as Pixel phones will soon have face retouching off by default. This feature will available but it would be tough to access this feature.

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