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Benefits of Switching to Cloud-Based Telephony Services



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Businesses are quickly adopting cloud as a service, and a cloud transformation survey by Voice of the Enterprise reports that a whopping 90% of companies use a cloud service of some kind. One of the business services leading the new era is office telephony, with cloud PBX systems becoming quite popular in recent years.

However, if you already have an on-premises telephony system that meets your needs, why would you want to adopt cloud PBX? Below are some of the biggest benefits you stand to gain after switching to cloud PBX.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Using on-premises PBX systems means that you have to commit a lot of resources to the hardware, software, setup, and maintenance. Further, each day you hold on to your legacy equipment decreases its value, and at some point, the technology can even become obsolete.

Switching to cloud telephony means that you can set up an office phone system for small businesses and medium enterprises without the initial outlay. Acquiring the equipment and maintaining it is the provider’s responsibility, and you’ll only need to pay a subscription fee.

 Extensively integrated business systems

One of the biggest advantages of using cloud systems is the integration capabilities provided. These systems can integrate with other everyday applications to increase efficiency in business processes.

A popular integration is with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, which enhances customer experience and allows the business to engage better. After the integration, you can manage everything in just a single console.

High flexibility & mobility

Businesses and workers today are moving towards flexible work policies in terms of both hours and environments. Cloud telephony services help accomplish this by allowing PBX services to be used outside the work environment and at any time.

This is thanks to the ability to support Softphones on computers and PBX mobile apps on smartphones. These mobile services still offer complete PBX functionalities to the user and can be quite useful for small and medium enterprises with multiple teams in different locations.

Rich business features

The cloud provides the capability to create and use advanced features that wouldn’t be possible when using on-site PBX systems. Further, providers are always keen on expanding the features they offer to users to stay ahead of the competition. You can get features such as voicemail drops, time conditions, bulk SMS automation, call schedulers, post-call surveys, call control, queuing, and voice menu, among others.

Apart from functionality features, you’ll also get real-time statistics and monitoring capabilities to ensure security and make necessary changes to your business plans.

Highly scalable and customizable

Traditional phone systems can’t be easily scaled up or down. Cloud services alleviate scaling challenges by providing the capability to customize an entire phone system right on the dashboard.

Whether you want to add new endpoints, scale down, or even expand your business to another location, all you need to do is make the configurations on your portal. You can also add and remove features to meet the current needs of the business.

Increased reliability & enterprise-grade security

Conventional telephony systems are susceptible to damage from vandalism, hardware failure, natural disasters, and power outages. This is not a concern for cloud PBX systems as service providers use highly redundant infrastructure with dedicated resources and servers.

The infrastructure is also more secure than in-house PBX. Thanks to economies of scale, PBX providers put in place top-grade security measures. They also have security professionals working around the clock to ensure the service is fully secure and protected. This means that once you switch to cloud-based PBX, all you need to do is ensure that you have a stable and reliable network connection.


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