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7 Best Free Fire Characters – Most Potent Characters in Garena Free Fire



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Garena Free Fire is a royale battleground game. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It gained huge popularity among the gamers in 2019 which helped the game bag “Best Popular Vote Game” by Google Play Store in 2019. The game has some common characters for games who play it for free. These characters are:

  1. Nulla
  2. Primis

You can always update their looks, weapons, and looks with the available options to purchase.

The game was released in 2017 and it has gained a lot of popularity lately. Different users have reported their favorite characters. We have compiled a report having 7 Best Free Fire Characters and why are they ‘The Best’.

Keep reading to find out if your favorite character falls in the list of  Best Free Fire Characters or not.

7 Best Free Fire Characters

Many users have claimed their own favorites from the game but we bring the best ones topping all the charts with all their character traits and strengths.

So, hold tight and keep reading 🙂

1. DJ Alok

Best free fire characters - DJ AlokDJ Alok’s character is picked up from a real-life DJ from Brazil. The meaning of his name is a ray of light. He tops all the charts and hence had to be given the Rank 1.

Why is DJ Alok Best Free Fire Character?

He is given this title because of his uniqueness which is, “Drop the Beat”. He can create a 5m aura that increases moving and sprinting speed and restores HP. His memory fragment can increase by attaining different goals at different levels.

How much to spend to buy this character?

The players can buy this character after spending 1499 diamonds.

I mean, that’s quite fair. Being the best free fire character, he deserves 1499 diamonds. What say?

2. Kelly

Best free fire character - Kelly

This character was introduced in 2018 and has gained a lot of praise. Of course, the liking of millions of users have made the character reach number 2 spot.

What are the character traits of 2nd best character of Free Fire?

Kelly is a natural athlete and sprinter. She is famous for her agility and speed. Her speed can be increased up to 6 % (if upgraded to the highest level). She is also known as Shimada Kiriko. The character loves to run. She is the first Awakened character in the game.

What is her special survival ability?

The special survival ability of the second-best free fire character is DASH (increased sprinting speed).

3. Luqueta

Best free fire characters - Luqueta

This character is a rising soccer star. He is a 20-year-old boy. The main advantage that he gains over others is his agility. Being a sportsperson, he can run for quite a long time which gives him a slight advantage over others. The character is based on the real-life Brazilian Sportsperson Lucas Paqueta.

 What is his special survival ability?

The character’s special survival ability is HAT TRICK  which increases the HP per kill. Per kill, HP can increase up to 35 %.

If you are a good player and know that in every match, you can kill 2 to 4 opponents (roughly), then Luqueta is your character.

The best part about this character is the events hosted in his name in the game. The character has a Soccer Star Set. You can buy this character for 200 diamonds and can spend 500 diamonds for his Soccer Star Bundle.

4. Joseph

Best free fire character - Joseph

Born on Valentine’s Day, no doubt this character has caught all the eyes. Joseph has many cadres in his bag. He is a well-known Physicist, a successful entrepreneur, and a great player.

Why is he famous?

He was the best student in Military Academy which makes him a great athlete and also increases his stamina and agility.

What is the Special Survival Ability of this character?

The Special Survival Ability of Joseph is Nutty Movement which means his speed increases after damage caused. Hence, if you choose this character, and if any opponent tries to kill you, immediately your speed will increase which will make it easier for you to escape.

The speed can be increased by up to 20% upon taking damage.

5. Rafael

best free fire characters - Rafael

One of the fascinating characters of Free Fire is Rafael. He is known to bring justice to the world. An interesting fact about this character is that he can keep himself invisible on the game map for eight seconds when he is on a shooting spree.

What are the unique characteristics of Rafael?

Rafael is the perfect weapon for lonely assassins who set up game strategies where they can discreetly perform their operations. He is a professional killer and master of his weapons. He is given an apt name “Dead Silent” for having these characteristics. Rafael will go on a shooting spree with his weapon without the fear of getting spotted on the opponents’ maps, keeping his location invisible till the time limit of eight seconds. The player should not continuously use the Rafael character, as it has a ninety-second cool off time whenever it is activated. Players will have to make use of Rafael in ideal situations like when he is facing a single opponent or two and not too many of them.

What is the Special Survival Ability of this character?

The Special Survival Ability of this character is Dead Silent which makes the character go invisible for 8 seconds.

6. Jota

best free fire characters - Jota

The character belongs to a middle class, loving family. He lived in a city with skyscrapers that filled the skyline and felt trapped, so he started climbing to find places to see the sky. The character restores 25 HP instantly when the player kills an enemy with an SMG or a Shotgun. 40 HP is restored immediately on every kill at the maximum level.

The Character is based on a real-life Indonesian film actor Joe Taslim.

What is the Special Survival Ability of this character?

The Special Survival Ability of this character is Sustained raids.

How to purchase Jota?

The players can unlock Jota by spending 499 diamonds.

7. A124

best free fire characters - A124A124 is a robot which is made with all the modern technologies. The character has proved to be a great pick for many high-Elo players. A124 can hide behind gloo walls till the last zones and use EPs to gain HP during a gunfight. A124 is one of the best characters launched lately in the OB17 update version. She has a wonderful unique ability to convert EP to HP.

The character’s instant heal is what makes her so deadly.

What is the Special Survival Ability of this character?

The Special Survival Ability of this character is the Thrill of Battle.


We have listed our 7 Best Free Fire characters. Could you find yours on our list?

Don’t forget to tell us your 7 best Free Fire Characters.

Keep reading and following us for further updates!!

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