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Best Kodi Alternatives 2020 You Should Definitely Try



Best kodi alternatives

Undoubtedly Kodi is the best media software but because of legal issues streamers are searching for its replacements. The complicated user interface and shutting down of important add-ons pushed us to switch to Kodi alternatives. And after deep research, we shuffled best Kodi alternatives 2020 that will give heights to your video streaming experience.

Kodi is a versatile media tool with tons of amazing features and different addons but it needs a tiny learning curve to use. Indeed many users found Kodi pretty overwhelmed to operate. We don’t say Kodi is illegal itself but the third party addons make it risky and can put you in copyright infringement. Also, one application doesn’t fit everyone’s requirements. Doesn’t matter why are you looking for look-alike tools of Kodi, we are here to assist you with the best Kodi alternatives to try in 2020.

Best working Kodi live TV addons

Best Kodi alternatives 2020


One of the most popular Kodi substitutes that are based on client-server architecture is Plex. Plex supports an abundance of devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and gaming consoles as well. Plex comes in two adaptations for you-one is free and the other is paid. The paid form, obviously, has some extra highlights, for example, access to cloud sync for offline streaming, setting up of plex home for quicker record switch, a selective see of new highlights, and significantly more!\


  • Supports multiple devices.
  • Both paid and free versions available to choose from.
  • Offers DVR support
  • Outstanding user-interface
  • You can easily integrate Plex with Kodi.


Much like Kodi, Stremio permits you to appreciate TV shows and movies on various stages basically from a solitary screen. The incredible thing about utilizing Stremio is that you will consistently locate the best nature of substance paying little mind to which medium you see it on. The stage permits you to make an individual library to store all your substance and assortments. The administration works fine over various gadgets. Matching up the library in one spot adjusts it with different places too.

An extra Stremio includes called the Linvo database consistently guarantees that the information is organized appropriately on every gadget. There’s a unique notice setting that lets you know whether your preferred show has another scene. The suggestion motor additionally gives you a lot of traces of new shows that you may jump at the chance to watch. Making a record on Stremio is very simple too. The administration must be utilized once you have a record on it.


  • Remote control access
  • Free to use
  • Notification setting that informs if your favorite show has a new episode
  • Allow integration with third-party apps
  • Available on Play Store and App Store

Best Kodi addons for movies


Emby is an open-source media software that utilizes a client-server mechanism. Loaded with multiple features such as streaming of locally stored media, multiple device support, mobile sync, and easy file access, etc, Emby is worth mentioning in the list of best Kodi alternatives.

Emby comes in three variations Emby Server, Emby TV application, and Emby Mobile App. Emby Server is your Kodi elective for Windows, Mac, Linux. Emby TV application bolsters practically all outsider gadgets, for example, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, ChromeCast, Xbox, and PS too.


  • Parental control to restrict your kids for certain content.
  • Three versions are available for TV, smartphone, and desktop.
  • Saves your bucks as free variants available.
  • It is pretty easy to stream media via Emby to all connected devices.

4.Media Portal

Not as popular as Kodi because new in the media software market, Media Portal is the perfect alternative to Kodi. One of the most notable features of this media software is DVR that permits you to record, schedule, or watch live TV. 

Other than the DVR usefulness, Media Portal additionally bolsters an assortment of TV tuner cards. Obviously, you are consistently free to utilize it for playing music, recordings, and Blu-Ray plates. The application is additionally highlighted with the accessibility of modules. These modules permit you to do everything, directly from viewing YouTube to following the most recent scores. The one genuine drawback is that Media Portal is by and by accessible for Windows as it were. Indeed, even the controllers for iOS and Android are really old.


  • Remote control access
  • Windows-based Kodi substitute
  • Absolutely free 
  • You can customize its user-interface.
  • Incredible library of plugins and addons.

5.Universal Media Server

All-inclusive Media Server is a problem-free media spilling stage that is likewise DLNA agreeable. Initially a PS3 media server fork, USM makes it conceivable to stream media documents to various gadgets, including Blu-beam players, cell phones, TVs, and even game consoles. The UI is incredibly straightforward and can be set up effectively also. The media player can stream, transcode and play video, sound, and pictures in various configurations. Highlights of the players incorporate piece-rate alteration, and obviously, DLNA support.

The Universal Media Players is additionally an exemplary in light of the fact that it is Java-based. Aside from that, there are many modules that come worked in the stage. Furthermore, you can likewise introduce a couple of modules all alone. On the off chance that that isn’t sufficient, you can even get expanded information on motion pictures from IMDB and coordinate the music database from MediaMonkey into it. While UMS isn’t actually Kodi, it sure has a flood of functionalities of its own. In case you’re searching for something recognizable yet very not quite the same as Kodi – you will find this is a standout amongst other Kodi choices.


  • Comes with easy to use UI and can be set up without any hassle.
  • Supports streaming for a wide array of devices.
  • Free of charge
  • Java-based classic media player

How to install Kodi 18.6 on Firestick


Finally, you came across the best Kodi alternatives, and now it’s your turn to select the right media software according to your requirements. All the media tools have different features and functionality for seamless media streaming but at the end of the day, Kodi is still my favorite. Kodi is fucking customizable and comes with hundreds of plugins and build-ups that makes Kodi a top media player.

One and only shortcoming of Kodi is the lack of ease of use and to solve this complexity you got the best Kodi replacements here. 

Hope you found the post informative and if you really liked it then do share with your nears and dears.

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The 7 Best Dropshipping Companies and Suppliers in 2020 (Honest Review)



The 7 Best Dropshipping Companies and Suppliers in 2020 (Honest Review)

Looking for the best dropshipping companies?

Whenever somebody wants to begin an e-commerce business without any hassles like :

  • Shipping
  • Storing inventory
  • Finances to get inventory upfront

Then the first thing that can work for him/her is the Dropshipping. As in it, manufacturers ship products directly to your customer for you. You get all the upside without any tensions.

All you have to think about is the selling of the product, taking orders, and making a decent profit. Sounds good, right?

Before proceeding further let’s know first about the Dropshipping business.

What is DropShipping?

Dropshipping is based on the protocol “Buy Low and Sell High” yes-you heard it right. Like in traditional ways of business, you purchase from wholesale markets at low prices and can sell it by setting your mark up with it.

In simple words, You just have to make a partnership with dropship suppliers that will sell you an item at wholesale prices and you may sell them to the buyer for the retail price.

 7 Best Dropshipping Companies and Suppliers 2020

  • Alibaba
  • Shopify
  • Megagoods — Best US-based dropshipping supplier
  • Worldwide Brands — Economical database
  • Dropified — Great Shopify app for AliExpress
  • AliExpress —Chinese dropshipper with superb user reviews
  • Doba — Versatile supplier and dropshipping hub

Let us know about them in detail

#1 Alibaba :

It is one of the best dropshipping companies It is a Business to Business (B2B) store. In fact, the concept of dropshipping business was initially introduced by Alibaba itself. The best part about Alibaba is its broad variety of products.

There are versatile products available on Alibaba so you can always get one for a lower price.

Cons: The shipping cost is high because ePacket shipping isn’t available.

Pros: Allows buyers and sellers to bargain a price via messaging.

#2 Shopify :

Shopify Inc. is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company. Shopify is now the leading commerce platform designed for businesses of all sizes. Shopify powers over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide.

Cost: The Lite plan to sell on social media can also be purchased for about $9 a month. A domain name costs extra (starting at $14 per year for a .com).

#3 Megagoods :

If you just want to concentrate on selling to a particular niche and knowledge and usage of research tools is not your priority then Megagoods is one of the best dropshipping companies for you.

Cons :

  • Megagoods does not support analytics and new-product notification features.
  • It charges a drop-ship fee.

Pros: Decent shipping speed.

#4 Worldwide Brands :

Worldwide Brands is a Maitland, Florida based company. The directory charges $299 for a lifetime membership, which is definitely up there as far as wholesale directory pricing goes.

#5 Dropified

Dropified is a dropshipping app, which connects sellers with suppliers and products to dropship. Dropified’s paid plans cost $47/month and $97/month.

#6 AliExpress

AliExpress is an online retail service based in China. It is one of the most popular and best dropshipping companies.

They’re cheap because you’re buying directly from the manufacturing source and completely cut out the typical retail middleman.

8 Best Dropshipping AliExpress Alternatives for Profit in 2020

#7 Doba

Doba is the place to be for U.S. drop shippers. Doba is basically that middleman, which acts as an intermediator between drop shipping companies and aspiring retailers. It starts aggregating vetted suppliers and manufacturers into a single database.

You can enjoy 30 days free trial period in order to get the experience.

Wrap Up :

This is all about the best Dropshipping companies in 2020. We hope this may help you a bit. Do share your views in the comment section.

Till then start expanding your business and share your feedback here !!

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Benefits of custom software solutions



software solution

How would you usually go about buying software for your business? Or how do most businesses purchase their software solutions? The answer to this question is off the shelf. Most of the businesses don’t give the software procuring aspect the time that it needs and deserves. They look at a few ready-made software solutions and select one from them that they think best fits their needs. However, they are not informed enough about the usage and benefits of that software to take that decision.


The off the shelf solution you are buying may not have the features that you originally wanted in your software. Or it could also have features and functions that you can do without. Or it could be too complex to use for a lot of your employees. This is why customized software solutions are becoming so popular. These solutions function just the way you want them to. 

The first step is to find a custom software development company in India. This will open the doors to building a software solution that is right in line with your needs. Unlike off the shelf solutions that come with generic features, customized software solutions have features that you want in your software.

This improves the efficiency of your people and business processes. It also has a positive impact on the overall productivity and profitability of your business. So what do you need to do to enjoy the benefits of custom software development? Work with the right company to build the software. Here are some key benefits of choosing the right software development company in India:

Flexibility and scalability

One of the biggest benefits of getting a custom software solution made is the scalability they offer. You can scale the solution as you grow. The entire control of scaling the solution is in your hands. Right from the planning and design stage to testing and trialing, you can make changes depending on your requirements. 

Unlike off the shelf solutions with which you have to make do with what you have got, custom software solutions offer you the freedom and flexibility of changing the features and functionality as per your objectives. In simple words, a custom solution is capable of responding to the changes that a growing business usually undergoes. 

Business process optimization

If you are looking for a one size fits all solution, then you don’t need to look elsewhere than an off the shelf solution. However, if you want software that works well with the processes that are specific to your business, only a custom solution can help. With a custom solution, you won’t encounter any issues in integrating your existing system with the current one. 

And you wouldn’t have to make changes for this integration as your software was made keeping all these things into consideration in the first place. This is not what you get with off the shelf solutions. When you make changes to the existing system to accommodate the new one, you may have to deal with problems that weren’t there before. The process of getting everything right may turn out to be a costly affair. 

Cost-effective in the long-term

You may initially find that the money that you have to put in to get a custom software solution is a lot more than what an off the shelf solution costs. But you need to take into account a lot of other things before you decide in favor of any of the two. 

A custom solution is designed for your business and its people. It has features that you need and functionality that make your business processes more efficient. This is not what you get with an off the shelf solution. Its initial cost may be less, but you will have to spend a lot more money on it to make it work for you. 

Apart from the initial investment, you will not have to spend anything on the custom solution. Plus, it is already in sync with your business objectives and processes. 

These are some of the benefits that custom software solutions offer businesses. But the final decision rests with you as there can’t be a better judge than you of what your business wants.

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40 AliExpress Facts and Stats in 2020 – Clear Your Doubts About AliExpress Dropshipping business



40 AliExpress Facts and Stats in 2020 - Clear Your Doubts About AliExpress Dropshipping business

Want to know AliExpress Facts?

AliExpress is one of the most amazing platforms for eCommerce entrepreneurs which makes use of the dropshipping business model.

The best part about AliExpress Stats is its importing feature. As it allows users to import the product content and images from directly to your store.

You can also set your prices and markups as per your desires.

Let us know more about the most amazing and unknown facts about AliExpress Statistics.

8 Best Dropshipping AliExpress Alternatives for Profit in 2020

40 AliExpress Facts and AliExpress Stats in 2020

#1 AliExpress does not sell any products directly and only acts as a facilitator similar to the American eCommerce platform eBay.

#2 Number of people use AliExpress: 150 million users

Whenever somebody starts a new work, he must have to perform a lot of paper-work which sometimes become very hectic and the entrepreneur may feel frustrated at many times.

But with AliExpress Dropshipping,  you don’t have to think much about legal obligations.

Best AliExpress Fact: Shipping 

The best part is that after you sell a product, you purchase it from a supplier on AliExpress and then have it shipped directly from their warehouse to your customer.

AliExpress Statistics :

#5 Number of Visitors Per Month to AliExpress: 200 million

#6 Number of products available on AliExpress: 100 million+ products.

#7 Number of downloads of the AliExpress app to date: 600 million

#8 Zero Upfront Cost: You don’t have to worry about paying a fee to get started with the AliExpress dropshipping program.

You’ll only pay the wholesale price when you sell the product. The profit margin is all yours.

#9 AliExpress Refunds and Returns

AliExpress suppliers usually don’t provide the facility of returns for orders so this means you will need an escape plan of action and a dropshipping returns policy of your own.

The two possible reasons for that could be :

  • Your customer has never received his/her order: In this instance, you must have to keep a check on your delivery services.
  • The product was damaged in transit: In that case, you can request images of the damaged goods and after that can initiate a refund to the customer.

#10 AliExpress Fact: Reliability 

Business with AliExpress Dropshipping is highly reliable as AliExpress understands that a large number of their customers are resellers.

#11 Number of languages

The is one of the best AliExpress Facts is its availability in a number of languages that is 18

#12 Great AliExpress Facts: Easiest Learning Platform 

Advertising and promotion are necessary for the growth of businesses. But its super-easy platform helps you to understand things quickly.

#13 How much does AliExpress make a day?

 Alibaba group earns $38.4 billion per day.

#14 Why is Alibaba so cheap?

Cheap labor and Cheap production are the ultimate reasons.

#15 AliExpress Launch Year:  2010

#16 Number of regions AliExpress is available in 230 different countries and regions.

#17 Can you buy solo items from Alibaba?
Alibaba is a wholesale marketplace where you can buy products in bulk, affordably.
#18 Is it safe to order from Alibaba?
Alibaba is a safe online platform to find products to sell online, providing that you know which suppliers and manufacturers to trust, and which you should avoid.
#19 Long Term Investment 
While you own it, it brings you some money every time your client buys something.

Another Interesting AliExpress Facts

#20 AliExpress’s revenue almost doubled for a year
#21 As of May 2019, Alibaba holds a 56% share of all retail e-commerce in China.
#22 AliExpress offers free shipping for over 75% of its products.
#23 AliExpress mobile app increased the conversion rate of iOS users by 82%.
#24 Gross Merchandise Volume: RMB 3.3 trillion in 2020

#25 Number Of Employees: Alibaba had almost 102,000 employees in 2019.

#26 Dropshippers can easily find a supplier on AliExpress

#27 AliExpress Creator: Jack Ma

#28 Number of AliExpress annual active customers: 79 million

#29 It doesn’t require much capital to get started.

#30 It’s the ideal place to get started as a new store owner

#31 Is legit?

AliExpress itself is a safe and reliable website.

#32 Is AliExpress in the USA?

AliExpress does not ship to the USA or Canada, since it’s not quite popular in North America yet.

#33 AliExpress Headquarters: Hangzhou, China

#34 Don’t require much marketing skills.

#35 Does honey work on AliExpress?
Currently, there are 23 verified working coupons available for AliExpressHoney has successfully found savings of 106,768 times by using these active coupons.
#36  The Alibaba group’s revenue for 2019 was $55 billion.

#37 AliExpress Mobile Apps: iOS App, Android App

#38 AliExpress is an eCommerce powerhouse in the Asia Pacific region

#39 How long does Aliexpress delivery take?
Shipping usually takes 15 to 45 working days, whereas Aliexpress Premium Shipping will provide an estimated delivery time from 7 to 15 working days.
#40  Alibaba owns an 8.4% market share of global retail e-commerce.

These are all amazing 40 unknown AliExpress Facts and stats. Found informative, then share it maximum.

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