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Betting Shops are Closed again due to Tier 3 Restriction Force



Since the advent of COVID-19, significant parts of the world have experienced a series of lockdowns and strict safety measures. There have been different alert levels in the UK, which are tagged tiers, and each tier level gets various restrictions. So far, there have been three different tier levels, and the highest tier is Tier 3. All sorts of places that would usually pull a crowd have been given various restrictions and are no different for different betting shops and bingo halls. Before the advent of Tier 3 restrictions, there was only a little bit of freedom with varying rules on how to relate with people and what capacity.

However, since the coronavirus cases keep climbing, the new tier 3 has ordered shut a lot of indoor entertainment centers and tourist venues. These places include casinos, bingo halls, trampolining parks, bowling alleys, skating rinks, gaming centers, and arcades. Even heritage sites like castles and stately homes have been put on lockdown. The gambling industry means no betting shops or bingo halls will be seeing their customers for a while. All gambling traffic, as one would expect, is to be directed at online casinos. This also means gambling operators are put out of business for a while, and punters giving their money to bookmakers online at the risk of fraud.

The Three Tiers of Restrictions

As stated earlier, the UK has three levels of restrictions known as tiers and different measures. The tiers are different in areas, but for each tier, these are the measures you’d meet:

Tier 1

This tier is known as the medium alert level, and the measures you’d find include:

  • Not socializing in a group of more than six people, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Selected businesses to remain open.
  • Businesses that offer hospitality services such as selling food should stop taking orders at 10 pm.
  • Places like casinos, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, museums, bowling alleys, arcades, bingo halls, parks, and funfairs should close at 11 pm.
  • Outdoor and Indoor events should have a limited capacity of 50% of the original capacity.
  • Worship places can be open but must not be more than the group of 6 rule.
  • Events like wedding ceremonies and funerals can take hold, but only 15 people can attend a wedding, and 30 people can attend a funeral.
  • If you migrate from an area of tier 1 reduction to a higher tier area, your souls follow all rules laid there. Also, avoid traveling to tier 3 areas or overnight stats.

Tier 2

This restriction level is considered for areas with high alert. In essence, areas with higher risks of infection and some additional restrictions will be added to tier 1. These additional restrictions include:

  • Not socializing with people, you don’t live with, whether at home or in public places.
  • Businesses with hospitality services can only serve alcohol with substantial meals.
  • Journeys and Travelling reduced as much as possible.
  • Obeying and following all tier 2 laws even when you move to a tier 1 area.
  • Avoid traveling to a tier 3 area.

Tier 3

This is for areas with a very high alert, places where there very high risks of infection and contacting. Their rules are stricter, and they consist of tier 2 rules and additional restrictions. They include:

  • Not socializing indoors or outdoors with anybody you don’t live with.
  • All businesses offering hospitality services remain closed.
  • Hotels, casinos, bingo halls, all accommodation outlets, and entertainment venues should remain closed.
  • Zoos, Safaris, Heritage sites, all other sites for attraction should remain closed.
  • Places of worship remain open but must not attend with anyone outside your household.
  • Traveling outside your area is highly inadvisable, and you should see concerned authorities before international travel.

Online Betting Currently

With the many restrictions and closure of betting shops, punters have taken to online casinos to gamble. With the surge in online casino users, it’s been found that many British players admire amazing non Gamstop online sportsbooks and choose them over local ones. It’s possible to find online gambling sites that at not part of Gamstop. Online casinos will continue to fill the needs of punters and gambling operators till the lockdown is eased and betting shops reopened.

Other Issues Plaguing the Gambling Industry 

Other than the pandemic that’s causing betting shops to close up either temporarily or permanently, there are also other issues. For instance, lack of findings is one of the biggest plagues of betting shops. With the number of online casinos, it’s very hard for physical shops to thrive and not close up from lack of customers and money. Also, the many restrictions by the betting council and UKGC make it hard for both betting shops and online casinos to grow. These are the two major problems the gambling industry will open up to after the easing of lockdown.

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