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Build your own income-generating website




There are a lot of reasons you might want to create your own website. Whether you have a small business already or are looking for a way to generate additional income, in this article we cover how to get started.

First things first, it is not necessary to get a web developer. Keep costs down by creating your website yourself. With easy-to-use platforms like WordPress, you can be up and running within an afternoon.

There are three key things to know about before creating a website: domain name, web hosting, and driving traffic to your website. We will take a look at each one, as well as ways to monetize your website.

Ways to monetize your website

Domain name

A domain name is your website address, and your email address will be similar. Sometimes the name you want is not available. In this case, you can try .org, .net, .info, and .biz. It is fast and simple to register a domain name, but it can take a few hours to go live once you publish it, so take advantage of that time to play with WordPress and start writing the content of your website.


Once you have an address, you need a webhost. You can think of this like a plot of cyberland where you will build your home (website). The host serves the website to visitors when they type in your website address. Web hosting companies are essentially companies that have bought expensive computers, set them up to run websites, and have a fast connection to the Internet. A quick search will return a good choice of hosts to research.

If you build it, they might come

Having a website is not terribly useful unless you get a lot of people to visit. One of the best ways to go about this is to harness the power of social media. Get familiar with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and consider using a social media manager application to schedule and plan your content for the week ahead. This will save you a lot of time.

Many groups and pages on social media enable you to share your content with members. For example, posting links to your website on specific days and times. If you want to do this well, make sure you are active on these pages usually, and not just at that moment when you are allowed to publicise yourself for free. You need to come across as authentic. That means taking part in interesting conversation on a regular basis, and not spamming users. And it is vital to remember to reply to comments.

Although commenting may get tedious and exhausting, it’s one of the most effective methods for encouraging new traffic to your site, and for building a relationship with your customers. Make your comments kind, thoughtful, and relatable, and include your website link when appropriate.

Finally, despite it being paid traffic, Facebook Ads are highly effective at building an audience very quickly. When you create an advertisement on Facebook, you’re able to home in on a very specific target market. You can start advertising from as little as $10 but be careful with your budget. Although advertising on Facebook and Instagram is easy, it is also addictive.

Monetizing your website

Some of the best ways to make money with your website include sponsored articles, Google AdSense, product reviews, and affiliate marketing. One of the highest paying options is affiliate marketing. You can earn commission from a company for promoting them to your website visitors.

To make this possible, the company provides you with a unique link that can track sales that come from your website. You can slip the link in an article, an e-mail, or on social media. All you must do at your end is to copy the link and include it in content that relates to the topic you are linking to, without specifically writing about the same thing.


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