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Call of Duty’s PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades explained: How to avoid paying twice



Call of Duty’s PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades explained: How to avoid paying twice

Hey gamers, You will be excited to know that Call of Duty’s PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades are going to be revealed very soon.

Are you aware of the fact that Activision has finally come up with this year’s Call of Duty title — Black Ops Cold War. Do you know that it is releasing soon, You don’t have to wait much for that. Yes-You heard right. It will launch on November 13th, and Activision is pretty much sure that this will be a big deal about a cross-gen title for both PS5 and PS4, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X, in addition to PC.

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  • But let us tell you that if you are willing to get an upgrade to PS5 or Xbox Series X in the upcoming vacations, then your decision of buying it needs a second thought.

Confused? Let me tell you why to scroll more to know everything here!

Call of Duty’s PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades

Actually there are many versions of Call of Duty and the latest being Call of Duty: Black OPS Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War — It is not free as you have to put a little burden on your pockets. Unlike PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, you can’t just wait for a free patch.

But one thing worth noting here is that if you accidentally buy the wrong version, then you will suffer by paying twice for the same game. Want a rescue plan now? Don’t worry, check the details below.

Call of Duty’s PS5 Upgrades

  • If you want a CD that may play on PS4 initially: For that You have to lose your pockets much. On paying $ 60 you will get Physical Standard Edition, but don’t forget that you can still go for the purchase of a PS5 upgrade by paying a minimal amount of $10. Remember the one thing here that if you buy a PS5 with a drive because you need to keep that PS4 disc inserted while you play. You will also miss out on pre-order bonuses.
  • Do you want to play digitally on PS4 and not sure whether you will get a PS5?

Let us tell you that on paying 60 US dollars, you will get the “Digital Standard Edition”. later on, If you want an upgrade, you can definitely go for that with an additional charge of $10.

  • Need a CD that can be played on a PS5? 

The “Next-Gen Physical Standard Edition” costs the US $ 70. Again, you’ll need to buy the more expensive single-drive PS5.

  • Looking for goodies, not discs?

If you are looking for goodies and not discs, then The “Ultimate Edition” is for you. As it costs 90 US dollars and paying this much will definitely offer you both digital PS4 and PS5 copies as well as the Battle Pass with three operators skins of land, air, and sea park, three weapon blueprints, and three vehicle skins. – Sounds amazing? right?

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 Call of Duty: Xbox Updates

  • Looking for CD that can be played on your Xbox One: For that, you have to pay $ 70 for the next generation Xbox Series X disc, which is also popular as the “Physical Standard Xbox Series X Edition”.
  • Want to play digitally on Xbox One?  Go for its purchase worth of 60 US dollars, and with this, you will get the “Digital Standard Edition” and most importantly you can upgrade digitally anytime by just paying10 US dollars.

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