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Chatting on WhatsApp will be double the fun; These new emojis have been launched, download this way!!



Recently the chatting company WhatsApp has added 138 new emojis. All these can be used during chatting in the app. WhatsApp has launched all these emojis in its Android version


  • WhatsApp will soon launch 138 new emoji’s
  • These incoming emoji have recently been spotted in beta version
  • This information has been obtained from the report of Web Beta Info.

The instant messaging app Whatsapp (Whatsapp) is about to launch 138 new emoji soon to improve the chatting experience of its users.  However, the company has not given any indication yet on the stable version of the new emoji.

“The fun of chatting on WhatsApp is now doubling. Now you will have hundreds of emojis available to express your things. WhatsApp has recently added many new emoji to make your chatting more interesting. Soon you will be able to use them.”

As per media reports, WhatsApp users will get the feature to auto-delete the chat even after one hour, one day, one week, one month and one year. At the same time, WhatsApp says that users will benefit greatly from this feature

 This is how this feature will work Users will be able to set a time to delete the message sent through this feature and the message sent after the scheduled time will be automatically deleted. At the same time, this feature was also seen on the beta version called Disappearing Message.

“In this version of WhatsApp, you will find emojis such as Clown, Avocado, Facepalm, Sharg, Butterfly, Bacon, Womit Face, Dancing Boy, Whiskey Glass. Soon these emojis will be available for all WhatsApp users”.

Expiring messages feature WhatsApp is testing its latest feature Expiring messages. This feature has been spotted on WhatsApp Android Beta version Users can auto-delete messages sent even after seven days through this feature. Let us tell you that earlier this feature was spotted on the Android beta platform under the name of Delete Message.

Web Beta Info Report :

According to the report of Web Beta Info, WhatsApp’s new emoji will be more attractive than the old emoji. Chefs, farmers, and painter emoji will be added to the new collection. Apart from this, many emoji related to skin tone and clothes can also be given.


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