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Chrome 88 is coming with the new Password Protection Feature- Check here all the details



Chrome 88 is coming with new password protection feature

Chrome 88 is rolling out with some interesting features.


  • Google is releasing Chrome 88 with much-improved control over passwords.
  • This feature will help you to avoid security lapses.
  • In the upcoming weeks, this feature will approach mobile users.

Chrome 88 is rolling out today. On Tuesday, two main updates were announced that are coming to Chrome 88 including- tab search and improved password protections.

The new version of Chrome offers an easy check-in of your settings if there are any weak or compromised passwords. If there are, you just have to click a button to go to the relevant site and provide a more secure login.

Google’s Chrome v88 now gives you an easy shortcut to identify weak passwords and quickly edit them. To check your passwords, click on the key icon that appears under your profile or you can manually type chrome://settings/passwords in your address bar.

Chrome 88 is coming with new password protection feature

Chrome 88 will also let you know when a password is “weak” or easy to guess. Probably because it is too short or present in a widely-used wordlist, like a name or place.

Google said Chrome 88 will also make it much easier to update multiple usernames and passwords in one convenient place. In the Chrome Settings on desktop and iOS, users will be able to manage all their saved passwords.

The same feature will be available on Android soon, according to Google.

Features like these could help you avoid security lapses. Ideally, you’ll have fewer rude surprises from attackers trying to hijack your accounts.

Google has added a new feature that makes changing stored passwords even easier. You can change your password conveniently by clicking on the “edit password” dialogue. that’s faster and a bit easier to find in the 3-dot menu next to each item than the previous system.

Passwords are often the first line of defense for our digital lives. Today, we’re improving password security on both Android and iOS devices by telling you if the passwords you’ve asked Chrome to remember have been compromised, and if so, how to fix them.

– by Senior Product Manager, Chrome.

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