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Chrome OS finally has a dark mode, and you can try it right now



Google Chrome OS canary platform got an unstable dark theme but It’s apparently not available in stable versions of the OS yet. Chrome users can experience a stable dark mode feature soon.


  • Chrome users were demanding the dark mode feature for a very long time.
  • Chrome OS dark theme is available now via the Flags menu on the Canary channel.
  • The dark mode feature is in its initial development phase and it is totally unclear when will it arrive on the stable channel.

After windows and macOS, Chrome is ready to follow the same and offer the dark mode feature to its users. Spotted by the Android Police, Chrome OS Canary Channel got a dark mode feature. Canary channel is available for Developers only and is the “bleeding edge” of the web. This platform gets daily updates before releasing the features publically.

The dark mode feature is only accessible by the Chromebook users that switched into a special developer mode. Google also warns its users that the “Canary can be unstable.” If one wants to still activate the feature, then install the Canary channel. Later, open Chrome and copy-and-paste chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and chrome://flags/#enable-webui-dark-mode into the URL bar, as Android Central says.

For now Dark mode is not ready and has some bugs and as per the Android Police, the glitches seem to bother the user interface aspects not just the dark theme background.

Earlier, Google has rolled out the Dark theme for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Fit, and its mobile app. As the Dark mode is really helpful to reduce eye strain during night time both iOS and Android also began supporting dark mode features at the system level.

Because of COVID19 people have to work from home and as a result, they have to spend more time in front of their screens. Dark theme is pretty favorable in this tough time and hopefully, Google can soon release the stable version of Dark mode for Chrome OS.

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