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Clubhouse confirms it records conversations, tracks users within the app



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  • The clubhouse has some privacy concerns that it needs to fix.
  • The platform also records conversation in a room.
  • The application has major problems with personal data protection.

1. Clubhouse Record Conversations

The Clubhouse Records audios of the chat room are flawed by major security searchers. After This major Security breach statement by security searchers, The Clubhouse gives his statement that the recordings are temporary to support incident investigations.

If any user files a report for Trust and safety Violation, the temporary recordings can be used to investigate the matter properly and they delete the video when the investigation will complete. They will delete the recordings when no investigation process happens.

As per multiple lawyer’s reports, recording of user’s data is illegal if clear content from users is not taken.

Saves Users Personal Data:

The application also saves Personal data that they collected from third parties. That means if you even did not join Clubhouse application, but your friend once join the application and click on allow contact share button, Then your personal contacts with other details will be stored by an application

No Option to Delete Profile

There is no option on the application to delete the Profile from the Clubhouse application. That means you cannot delete your personal details that you allow the application at the time of sign up on the app.

Track Users On the Application

Another major drawback of the application is that it tracks within the application that will use the information to serve you targeted advertisements on social media platforms.

Clubhouse View:

The Clubhouse Developers acknowledge the latest issues with data protection problems and promise users that they will fix these problems with updates in the application.

They also plan to engage an external data security firm to review and validate these changes.

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The Users need to proceed with caution to download the application or to use the application due to the Clubhouse record conversations policy.

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