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COAI Says: 5G Trials And rising COVID-19 Cases has not correlated!!




  • No Relation Between 5G Trials And COVID-19 Cases, Says COAI.
  • Telecom companies’ body forced to dispel rumors linking COVID-19 to 5G trials.
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) clarified there is no correlation between 5G technology and COVID-19.

Ever since the Government allowed 5G trials in India, some baseless rumors have been spreading on social media platforms. These rumors claim that the 5G trials have aggravated COVID-19 cases in the country.

The telecom regulator informed that it has come across multiple messages on social media platforms as well as reports in a few regional media mentioning ‘5G spectrum trials’ as the probable cause of rising cases of COVID-19.

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In a joint statement on Friday, the COAI and the Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association (TAIPA) expressed their concern regarding false rumors connecting 5G technology with the spread of COVID-19.

COAI Director General SP Kochhar said in a statement:

“We would like to clarify that these rumors are absolutely false. We urge people not to fall for such baseless misinformation. Several countries in the world have already rolled out 5G networks, and people are using these services safely. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has clarified that there is no correlation between 5G technology and COVID-19.”


He said that World Health Organisation has already cleared that there is no relation between the upcoming technology and COVID-19. He added that they have also shared this concern with the Department of Telecommunication.

TAIPA Director General Tilak Raj Dua said: “Such misleading campaigns, if not brought under control immediately, may significantly impact the telecom operations and hence the connectivity at large and deprive the general public and government authorities of getting uninterrupted telecom services at this crucial juncture.”

The DoT approved proposals for the 5G trial on May 5 and the companies are yet to start the trials.

The association said that it had seen ‘multiple messages’ on not only social networking platforms but even some regional media sites, which claim it was probable that the rising number of COVID-19 cases was probably caused by 5G spectrum trials in the country. The COAI stated that there were no 5G trials being conducted in the country, nor have any 5G cell towers been installed as of now.

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