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Coin Master free spins – How to Get Free Spins in Coin Master (Quick Tips)



coin master free spins

There are many online games but only a few are popular for their big hearts. Coin master is definitely one of them.  As it always comes with great deals for its users and amazing rewards. Every other day you open the game and you find a new freebie, Isn’t it great? And in case you are looking for Coin Master free spins, then great choice folks, you have landed at the right place. Just read out the complete post to know how to get free spins in Coin Master.

Freebies are loved by all, I mean it’s honestly said – “WE don’t care how much money we may have, free stuff is always a good thing”, Isn’t it?

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Coin Master free spins

The prime objective of Coin Master is to create your village and you do this by spinning a slot machine. After that players start collecting coins so that they can purchase upgrades. Not only this, in it, you can also rob other villages to steal other players’ coins too. Here many events, tournaments come on a regular basis that keeps you hooked with the game.

So what in case you have exhausted your daily limit of Coin Master free spins, then you have to buy spins or coins with real money. But it is not practically possible for everyone. After all, nobody wants to spend hard-earned money on gaming. So here we are lending a helping hand to you.

How to Get Free Spins in Coin Master?

1) Coin Master Hourly Rewards:

One of the best ways to get Coin Master free spins is to grab them via Coin Master hourly deals and rewards. For this, all you have to do is to play more and more, The maximum time you invest in the game, the chances will become high that you will earn more rewards. As in every other hour, it gives a few minutes deal, if you’re proactive and lucky enough then you can crack the deal with free rewards and spins.  The maximum number of spins that you may get is 5 spins every hour. So in total, you can grab 50-70 spins. Once you reach the level of 50 spins, you will not get additional spins.

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Fact check: If you want to earn more and more coins or spins, try playing the game every other 2 hours. This will fill up your stock of free coins. 

2) Be a Village Master to grab Coin Master Free Spins:

If you become a master of the village, then also you get rewards. For this, you have to complete a village. You can get rewards in any form (Free spins, coins, XPS, or pet food). Initially, when you just start playing the game, you will get small rewards like 10 spins or 12 coins free. As soon as you proceed further, the rewards will become larger.

3) Watch an ad and get Coin Master Free Spins

Many video ads may obstruct your game. But these video ads can also help you out. As makers of the ads offer bonuses, free gifts, and prizes if you watch their ads completely.

So if you watch a short video ad, you can get up to five spins. But one thing worth noting here is that you can only watch a video ad if your free spins or coin balance is low which is almost below 10.

4) Don’t you miss any events in the game

here you can’t afford to miss any in-game event as Coin master always comes up with great in-game events on regular basis. Participating in and winning such events can be way helpful for you to earn free spins. As the rewards of these events usually give you a lot of spins rewards.

This method will help you out for sure.

5) Rewards from Viking Quest:

Gold cards are the ultimate desire of every player who is playing Coin master, Isn’t it? if you nodded your head in yes, then the Viking Quest event is for you. This event will allow you to earn gold cards, free spins, coins, XP, pet food, and whatnot.  This event has a lot of stages, and you win rewards after the completion of every other stage. So it is completely worth playing this event and earns coin master free spins.

6) Involve your Friends & Grab More Rewards:

Convincing a friend or inviting an acquaintance to the game for playing is not that difficult if, in return, you get a great deal of coin master free spins or coins. So what are you waiting for, just start listing out your friends that can be convinced by you to play the game?  The best part about this method is that here you can get an unlimited number of free spins or coins, no matter how many spins you have already in your stock. So don’t think much and start adding your friends To the game.

7) Complete your Card Sets:

Card set can be extremely helpful for you to earn Coin Master free spins. Because every time you complete a card set, you get rewards. Rewards usually come in form of coin master free spins or coins. So it is not a bad idea to complete your card sets first to get the additional free spins.

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Final Words

Hey readers, this is all about How to get Coin Master free spins. All the above-mentioned methods are tried and tested. So don’t waste your time and grab a great deal on your favorite game.

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