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Common iOS 13.5.1 Issues and Problems: Key facts You Need to Know



Common iOS 13.5.1 Issues and Problems

Apple has released its latest update iOS13.5.1 and I was discussing it with my friends. The conclusion, I came to know is the users around the world are not happy with the latest update. So, I thought of sharing some Common iOS 13.5.1 Issues and Problems.  Moreover, I will share some key facts about this update also. The latest update always creates a thought process of “what’s New this time?” But what if we are not getting anything with a recent update but a lot of bugs!

Though iOS 13.5.1 covered the main jailbreak problem it brings a lot of errors and bugs in your phone. Along with better security, the additions this upgrade brings are special settings for COVID-19 pandemic(detects face wearing a mask), iCloud Folder sharing, Better group face time, new attractive emojis, etc. Obviously, there are pros but cons are more. Users are reporting issues such as UI lag, AirPlay issues, Touch ID and Face ID issues, weird battery drain, issues with first and third-party apps, Exchange issues, HomePod issues, iMessage issues, Wi-Fi problems, Bluetooth problems, CarPlay issues, lockups, freezes, and crashes.

4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 13.5.1 & 11 Reasons to install

iOS 13.5.1 issues

The real issue with the 13.5.1 update is that it does not cover jailbreak. Any user if want to jailbreak its device, should not update this.

  • The commonly recorded iOS 13.5.1 update bugs include  Bluetooth connectivity issues, Face ID errors, keyboard prediction errors, and wallpaper glitches.
  • FaceID may refuse to initiate if you have updated to iOS 13.5.1.
  • Some users have reported that the GarageBand app might crash when opened.
  • Some users have also accused of battery drain issues.
  • Mp4 playback problems haven’t fixed.
  • Boot problem not fixed.

How to decide whether to update the device or not?

In this case, I would advise you to join online discussion forums where users share their experiences. To Know, Common iOS 13.5.1 Issues and Problems, visit the platforms given below.

These platforms help you to get a real idea about the upgrade.

How to Upgrade to iOS 13.5.1?

  1. Power your device and connect to a good wi-fi connection.
  2. Now, Go to settings -> general settings.
  3. Scroll down to “software update”
  4. Click on the download button there.
  5. Then click on install. Enter your passcode.
  6. Restart your device and check the upgrade.

How to Downgrade from iOS 13.5.1?

If you are not happy with the update, you can downgrade your phone to iOS 12 from iOS 13.

  1. Download 12.4.1 from the official website.
  2. Check if there green tick on the Apple Signing Status column. Do not proceed if absent.
  3. Turn it off Find My iPhone on your iPhone.
  4. Then Go to Settings
  5. Click on your name at the top of settings
  6. Go to iCloud -> Find My iPhone -> Toggle off. Password is required, make sure to enter the correct one!
  7. Now plug your phone into a computer.
  8. Open iTunes and click on the iPhone icon.
  9. Click on the Restore iPhone button. (Mac -> alt/option) (PC-> Shift )
  10. Find the downloaded file and click on install then.

Our Verdict

We would recommend to users that do not jailbreak your hone and if it already is jailbroken then update your device with iOS 1.5.1 to add more security. Jailbreak allows you to download third-party apps but it also puts the phone to other risks and can be exposed to be exploited maliciously. So, Upgrade to 13.5.1 to uncover jailbreak.

So I have shared some Common iOS 13.5.1 Issues and Problems. I hope you would find the article beneficial.

Share your feedback. Mention in comments if you need to know more!

Thank You!


Facebook joins attack on Apple over points associated with its App Retailer: App Store Commission!!



Facebook joins attack on Apple over points associated with its App Retailer: App Store Commission!!

Facebook on Friday joined the attack on Apple’s operation of its App Store after the iPhone maker refused to forgo its commission on live online events hosted on the social network that allows people to make money during the pandemic.

Facebook has joined the businesses attacking Apple over

points associated with its App Retailer

The feedback from Fb come within the wake of a blockbuster lawsuit from online game sensation Fortnite maker Epic Video games on Thursday which accused Apple of abusing its monopoly place in its online market.

Telegram has released the video calling feature in beta version 0.7, Knows all-new features.

Facebook said it would not collect any fees from paid online


Facebook said it would not collect any fees from paid online events that educators, entertainers, or others can host due to a fresh addition to the platform, but that Apple declined to back off from its standard share of transactions that are handled through the App Store.

Facebook vice president Fidji Simo said in a blog post.

We asked Apple to reduce its 30 percent App Store tax or allow us to

offer Facebook Pay so we could absorb all costs for businesses

struggling during COVID-19,” 

“Unfortunately, they dismissed both our requests and (small- and medium-size businesses) will only be paid 70 percent of their hard-earned revenue.”

Fb’s criticism comes amid heightened scrutiny of Apple’s insurance policies for its on-line market.

  • Apple has defended the fee to cowl the prices of managing the App Retailer and defending customer’s safety, however, critics say the fee is an abuse of its place.
  • Apple said Fortnite was pulled after “Epic Games took the unfortunate step of violating the App Store guidelines that are applied equally to every developer and designed to keep the store safe for our users.”

TikTok Reliance Deal: RIL in talks with parent ByteDance to acquire TikTok for $5 billion in India!!


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Telegram has released the video calling feature in beta version 0.7, Know all new features.



Instant messaging application WhatsApp is now getting tough competition from Telegram. Users have also started downloading this app fast.

Despite many advanced and useful features, video calling was not available on this platform till now. But now Telegram users will also be able to take advantage of the video calling feature.

Telegram has released the video calling feature in beta version 0.7.

If you want this new version, then users can download it from Microsoft’s app center platform. Another thing that the user has to keep in mind here is that this app has to be installed along with the regular Telegram app.

Testing is going on now

Let us know that the video calling feature is still in the testing phase, but when this feature is released, then apps like WhatsApp, Viber will get a tough competition.

By the way, voice call facility is already available on Telegram like WhatsApp, but users were missing the video calling feature on this platform.

But now it has been released for beta users.

According to the company, it may take some time to release its stable version. If you want to use this feature now, then you have to be part of the beta program.

Special features of Telegram Like WhatsApp

It is also a messaging platform. A group of 2 lakh people can be formed here and user public channels can also be formed here. You do not get the feature of preparing public channels in WhatsApp. It is also useful in terms of the file, photo, video sharing. With this help, files up to 1.5 GB can be shared.

It supports android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Linux, and web. This is a free app.

Google launches a new app ” Nearby Share” against the Chinese app “Shareit”, that transfers the biggest files in seconds!!

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Fortnite Game Removed from Google Play Store And Apple Store !!



Apple and Google on Thursday removed the popular game Fortnite from their App Store.

Apple and Google have taken this action because Epic Games, the company that makes Fortnight games, has launched a direct payment plan for users, bypassing Apple, and Google.

Both Apple and Google earn 30 percent of revenue from app purchases. On Thursday, the game’s developer has updated both versions of Fortnite, which gives users the option of direct payment. Although Fortnite is a free game, users have to pay for some things in this game.

Direct payment plan presented for the user

Commenting on the matter, Epic Games said in a blog post that

the company is offering a direct payment plan for iOS and Play Store. The game developer said that this new system has a single payment system that will be applicable for PC and Mac computers and Android devices.

Android Users Can Still Use Fortnite

The Android users can still download and play the game from apps like Epic Games and Samsung users can enjoy playing app via Samsung Galaxy App.

But for iPhone users, No such options will be there.

About Fortnite

Fortnite is an online video game that has 250+ million users. In this almost 100 players can play together and enjoy the battle. One match takes 20 minutes’ time.

Apple issued a statement that-

Epic has enabled a feature that is not approved and reviewed by Apple. They have done so to violate the guidelines of app purchases. These guidelines are applicable on All those who sells goods and services.

Since Epic Games takes 30% purchase revenue from Apple and Google. So if company users take direct payment then partnership of Google and Apple will not be there. This definitely does not g well with both companies and they have been removed from their respective platforms.

iOS and iPadOS 13.6.1 are available now with fixes for some annoying issues

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