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How to Create a Donation Page?



Create a Donation Page

Because of the easy access to the internet, we all become tech-savvy and all our day to day tasks take place online. You can shop online, learn online, play online, and even donate online. Currently, a wide array of Non-profit organizations grabs their funds via online donation. If you are also looking to accept online donation then you need to create a donation page first. But how? No worries folks, we are here with our complete guide on “How to create effective donation page” to offer your donors the convenient way of donation. Just scroll down to get the best tips to make your campaign effortless and appealing as well.

Step by step guide to creating a donation page

The donation page is the must for the streamlined donation process and in order to generate a donation page you need to execute these steps:


Convey key details about your campaign

Your initial step to attract more and more donors to your organization is to sign up for renowned fundraising software. After signing up its time to start creating your donation page. First of all name your campaign and state the reasons behind the fundraising. Enter these details:

  • Enter the goals and missions of your nonprofit.
  • Create a catchy story that can attract donors to your campaign.
  • Add a few lines of heartful text explaining the differences their charity will make.


Set up donation details

After describing the motive of your campaign your next step is to set up the donation details. This means in what currency you want to accept the donation from your donors. If you are looking to accept payments in multiple currencies then you can also select your preferred ones.

  • Offer different amounts to your donors so that they can choose easily as per their desire.
  • Try to attach a description with every amount to convince the donors for donating.
  • After it set a campaign goal.
  • Now set up the minimum amount of donation.
  • To strengthen your relationship with your donors a thank you message is a must. Create a catchy thank you message that can describe the efforts of nonprofit via the donation of the donors.


Set up email receipt

An email receipt is required to be sent after the donation. So your further move to create a catchy email to support your donors after donation.


Attach relevant custom fields

Sometimes it is really approaching to ask questions to the donors. And to make your donation page worthful you can add these questions:

  • How you came to know about our campaign/how you reach us?
  • Which of our goal compel you to donate?
  • Are you belong to an affiliate group.
  • And so on


Customize the look of your donation page

We are about to reach the final step to create a donation page that is the customization of the donation page. To make your donation page eye-catching and branding your nonprofit you can customize its design:

  • Choose the appealing background and add it to your donation page. Background must be relevant to your campaign goals means the background of the donation page should demonstrate the mission of your campaign.
  • Also, upload the campaign logo.

Pro tips to create an effective donation page

Finally, you learned how to create a donation page but to leave the positive impact on your donors here are few magical tips:

  • Your donation page should be easy to find so that your visitors effortlessly access it and donate for your organization.
  • Sometimes it seems pretty annoying to select the custom donation amount so for the ease of donors offer pre-selected donation amounts along with custom ones.
  • Make sure you are providing various payment options.
  • Try to limit donor information within one page.
  • Don’t forget to remind visitors to donate again and for this, you have to feel them good. Make your description short and sweet to remind people why they are donating and why they should donate again.
  • Before socially sharing your fundraising campaign I recommend sharing with your few close friends and relatives. They will give you solid feedback about your campaign.
  • Share your donation page via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Add Fundraiser hashtags to make your donation page more accessible.
  • Make your donation page mobile-friendly.


Ready to create a donation page? Just follow the above-mentioned steps and proceed for a successful fundraising campaign. The fundraising page is a vital part of your non-profit organization so focus on it to raise the donations. Many organizations used to put a hyperlink that connects to their Paypal account and think they have done. But when they notice no increase in donations then they start worrying. So don’t do such a mistake and design a fundraising page now with Donorbox.

I hope you got my point and if you found the post really informative then comment below. Still any queries regarding the fundraising page then let me know below in the comment box.

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