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DeepFakes : A Virtual Weapon Increasing Tensions and Gap between Truth and Lies



DeepFakes : A Virtual Weapon Increasing Tensions and Gap between Truth and Lies

The photos that have been morphed with the help of Photoshop and editing tools have been known in social media and cyberspace for so many years. Now Deepfake videos have come to make the lie true, which can assure any internet user that he is watching the truth, not the lie.

With the help of this,

Your face can be fitted in someone else’s video, that is, you can be seen beating, killing, or abusing someone.

The ordinary internet user could hardly understand that the video is deepfake and the person appearing in it is someone else. This technology works the same way with videos as Photoshop does for photos.

This is how Deepfakes work…

With the help of Artificial Intelligence or AI, this technology captures the points of faces seen in the video. After this, with the help of one or more photos of a person, his facial data is collected. In the last step, the face seen in the video is replaced with the help of facial data collected from photos.

What is the danger associated with Deepfake?

If you think that it would take a lot of time and effort to make or edit a video from a system with such AI technology, then you are wrong.

There are many such apps on Android, iOS, and PC with the help of which fake videos can be made in a few minutes. Users can download apps like Zao, Doublicat, FaceApp, and Morphin for free.

What do the experts say?

Of course, Deepfake is being misused and has become a threat. from spreading lies to blackmail.

But the purpose of preparing this tech was good.

Kazim Rizvi, the finder of policy think tank The Dialogue, shared more details about this, saying,

‘Deepfake technology has many benefits too, in the 2019 World Malaria Program. David Beckham shared the same program in many languages ​​with the help of this tech did. Deepfake can also be used in positive work with the help of digital experiments. ‘

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