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Digital Entertainment – All The Fun Just One Click Away



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Remember the times when the latest movies were shown only in the theatres? The times when we eagerly waited for the films to get released weekly? The times when the definition of games was confined to board games? 

The media and the entertainment industry is under huge transformation. What used to be the “First day, First shows” of Movies in theatres, are today available to watch from the comfort of our homes. The Movies and TV shows are premiered on sites like Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, HBO, and Zee 5. The morning, evening, and night shows run as per the convenience of our time. Not just the movies, we wake up to the video games, the social media, the digital media, the interactive entertainment, the online gambling. The latest statistics show that an adult spends an average of 3 hours and 45 minutes of the time on Digital Platforms. The figure has seen a rise of 1 hour on average in the last year and is expected to rise even more. The Pandemic of COVID-19 has also contributed to the increase in the use of digital entertainment. 

What Is Digital Entertainment?

Digital Entertainment is basically categorized under technology and has made its place in the marketing world too. It is a luxurious lifestyle that makes our lives easy, comfortable, and provides us on-demand services. Digital entertainment is the powerful entertainment source that provides us the amusement on our personal electronic devices, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

The term Digital Entertainment is connected with marketing by the term DIGITAL MARKETING. What is marketing for the brands, companies and big and small sellers is the entertainment and lifestyle for the users.

What Does Digital Entertainment Constitute?

With Digital Entertainment, enjoyment is on our fingertips. All the fun is just a click away. Everyone can watch and do whatever they want whether it be the news, movies, songs, videos, games, social media, streaming services, new releases in every field. The celebrities are interacting with their fans through live videos, The stand-up comedians are making people laugh through platforms like BookMyShow, which were initially set up to book movie shows. Even the Prime Ministers are talking to the citizens of their country through social networks. All has become possible with Digital Entertainment with no need to wait for any particular date or timing or to set up any meeting or make any huge arrangement for physical visits of the great personalities or famous celebrities. The features of Digital Entertainment are not industry-specific.

  • Digital Media
  • Social Media
  • Online Games
  • Press Releases
  • Mobile Entertainment
  • Streaming services
  • Social Media

The list is long and the benefits are widespread, so much that the combination of services even overlaps the industries.

Benefits Of Digital Entertainment

We are living a life that no one had imagined to live. As no one really knew that going out of houses would become such a big challenge for humans. In these adverse times of COVID-19, digital entertainment has basically saved the lives of humans. The mysterious human brain has a tendency to get bored very quickly. The fast-paced life and the increasing advent of technology can be partially blamed for that. But the fact is that humans need change. They feel the curiosity to know more, to explore a variety of things to do in the world. Digital Entertainment has helped calm the human brain by providing its zillions of options to keep one busy with. 

One can learn and teach, interact and chill out solo, Grasp new talents, and showcase the inner talents and do much more. The ability to be with one and be with all at the same time is what makes digital entertainment the best part of human lives.


Today people facetime each other instead of visiting them, wake up to the face of their gadgets instead of their better half or families. Life has taken an unexpected turn and humans have welcomed Digital Entertainment much more warmly than it was ever expected. If we talk about figures in particular, then by 2023, the revenue of Digital entertainment is expected to reach 2.6 trillion.

Maybe the coming generation won’t even be able to imagine a world without digital entertainment. That’s the power of this beautiful technology. Digital Entertainment makes you feel like a KING. All the options, that you fancy, the lifestyle, that you could ever ask for. Digital Entertainment has made them available at your fingertips. Just ONE CLICK AWAY.

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