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Dirty John Season 3: Release date, renewal status and other details



Dirty John Season 3

The Dirty John Crime Based TV series is fascinating his fans since 2018. Now, Fans are curious to know whether its new season “Dirty John  Season 3” will arrive? This is the trending query on the Internet right now. So here in this post, our readers will get all the latest updates.

Dirty John Season 3 Updates

Dirty John is a popular Crime Anthology got debuted on Bravo in 2018. It is the most popular web series that is based on Christopher Goford’s podcast. The story is focused on the life and death mysteries of the popular charismatic thief John Meehan. Such shows got popular easily as these are true stories.

After gaining popularity on Bravo,  this crime show was moved to Netflix to get more audience. When the second season launched on Netflix, the show received great reviews and ratings. Now Dirty John has completed their two seasons successfully.

Season 2 storyline includes Betty’s relationship with her husband Daniel of 20 years. After 20 years of marriage, they ended their marriage with a divorce and how she murdered not only Daniel but his new wife, Linda, as well.

There is one similarity in both the seasons as both Seasons start with a great relationship and end with the shocking murder. Talking about its popularity, IMDb gave 7.2 ratings while Rotten Tomatoes gave an 80 percent rating.

Now fans are curious to know whether this epic series is coming back with its third installment or not? What will be its Storyline this time? So let’s do not create suspense and answer all the queries that are hitting your mind.

Is Dirty John Season3 Arriving?

Sadly, no such information has been revealed yet. Neither USA Network nor Netflix has made any statement about their future plan for Dirty John. Initially, developers have only planned two seasons of Dirty John. But hopefully, the grand success of the two Seasons may force their makers to create more and more such masterpieces.

So right now, there is a mystery. Hope fans love will bring its new season soon.

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Dirty John Season 3 Release Date

Dirty John Season 3

Without any official announcement, it is hard to make any speculation about when Dirty John’s new Season gets on the air. So this time, it would be absolutely wrong to commit a release date for the upcoming season.

If we observe closely the last two seasons, there is a gap of exactly 14 months between the two seasons. If this pattern continued in the future too then Season 3 must be launch by September 2021. In that case, the makers should start working on its upcoming season right now. Wait, hopefully, makers will come up with official news soon.

There are no updates regarding the filming or writing of the new Season. All such processes took lots of time. But there is a chance that Dirty John Season 3 will release by the end of the year 2022.

According to Elle, the story will likely be with focus on family rather than a romantic couple.

The launch of Dirty John on Netflix demands its new Season by the Indian fans. However, talking about its USA network, there are many shows such as Psyche and Purge that have rated higher than Dirty John. So the makers are in dilemma whether to further launch its seasons or not.

Dirty John Season 3 Star cast

Talking about the star cast of Dirty John Season 3, In its first season, Eric Bana played the role of John Meehan, Britton plays the role of extremely successful interior designer target, Debra Newell.

Whereas in its second season, the main lead role is performed by Amanda Peet, while Christian Slater and Rachel Keller were done the roles of Dan and Linda Broderick, Betty’s murder victims.

Other characters such as Debra’s family, her friends, John’s spouse, Betty’s friends, and Betty Broderick’s children have been performed by other stars like Kevin Zegers, Jake Abel, Sprague Grayden, Missi Pyle, Holley Fain, Lily Donoghue, and Miles Emmons.

Since it is an anthology series, with a totally different story, we expect that the Star cast will change this time.

Dirty John Season 3 Plot

In the first 2 seasons of Dirty John, we found the same theme with a different storyline and cast. These two seasons were based on the theme “Love Gone Wrong”. It is expected that the third season of Dirty John will be based on a similar theme.

Cunningham has also given the hint in a recent interview that there are so many different kinds of stories that revolve around a similar theme. We will try to explore them in the future. But this time it ranges from divorce, parental love, and all excluding the regular typical couple and married romance which we have seen in the previous two seasons.

Stay connected with us for more updates related to Dirty John. What do you think would be the storyline of Season 3. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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