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Disable Instagram Reels: How to Get Rid of Reels from Instagram



disable Instagram reels

Because of the border dispute between India and China TikTok has banned in India and after the sudden demise of popular video making app tons of alternates came into limelight. Social media giant Instagram also jumped into the race and released Instagram Reels to create and edit short videos. Instagram Reels is a favorable feature for TikTok lovers but for those who didn’t like TikTok, it is a useless feature. Here in this post, we suggest you the ways to disable Instagram Reels along with how to remove uploaded Instagram reels videos.

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How to disable Instagram Reels?

If you don’t want to create videos with Reels then you can easily disable this new attire. Here are the steps to be followed to remove Instagram reels:

  • Open up your browser and log into your Instagram account. You can do so with safari, Chrome, or Firefox via your desktop or smartphone.
  • After signing in via browser you will¬†that Reels videos won’t appear in the Explore tab.
  • Even if you navigate any other Instagram profile, you will observe that the Reels tab is not active. If you are okay to use Instagram via a browser then this the one and only way to avoid Instagram Reels now.

How to remove Instagram Reels?

After creating Instagram Reels you can share with your followers and other Instagram users as per your wish. And after sharing videos, you may feel like you should delete the shared Reels from your account. In order to remove Reels you need to follow these steps:

  • First of all, open up your Instagram and move to Profile.
  • After it navigate to the Reels tab and select the video you wish to delete.
  • Open up the video and then tap on the three dots icon above your post.
  • Then hit the “Delete” option.
  • For confirming submission tap on Delete again.

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