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Enjoy the Passing Score in Microsoft MD-101 Exam through Using Exam Dumps



Microsoft MD-101 Exam

The IT industry has advanced a lot in the past years. Thus, international companies have adapted their processes to improve their productivity with the help of technology. Then, IT professionals understood the market’s evolution and put efforts to comply with modern requirements. You will not be surprised if we say that earning certifications that advance their resumes has become one of the most important missions.

One of the most popular vendors of IT credentials is Microsoft with its options for specialists of different levels from newbies to experts. Moreover, their badges cover different areas, and, in this post, we’ll explore the features of the exam which will help you to get certified in Microsoft 365 technology. This test is MD-101.

The Microsoft MD-101 exam is the final step you need to follow to obtain the Microsoft 365 associate-level certification for Modern Desktop Administrator. From this article, you’ll know what skills you need to have to pass this assessment. As preparation is very important to ensure success in MD-101, we will tell you more about the available training resources including exam dumps and how you can use them to achieve a high score. Are you ready to discover more about the Microsoft MD-101 exam?

Requirements to Taking MD-101

Microsoft Exam Dumps is the final exam that you need to ace to acquire Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. In order to be accepted to take this test, applicants should have first obtained the passing score in Microsoft MD-100. Also, any candidate who has passed the Microsoft 70-698 exam before the 31st of March 2019 can take the MD-101 assessment directly. The enrolment fee that students need to pay to sit for this exam is $165.

What You Should Know to Pass MD-101 Exam?

Exam-takers will need to develop the following skills to increase their chances to pass MD-101 exam successfully:

  • Manage and upgrade devices to using Windows 10 as well as build strong knowledge on dealing with Windows Autopilot and dynamic deployment;
  • Plan and implement compliance policies for different devices together with configuring and managing device and user profiles;
  • Know how to protect devices by running Windows Defender and prevent attacks;
  • Identify and manage applications’ updates as well as implementing Mobile Application Management wherever this process is possible and necessary.

Now that you know what skills you need to develop to pass the Microsoft MD-101 exam, it is time to discover how you can train to get the passing score. So, you should pay high attention to the information provided in the further parts of this article.

Use Microsoft Training Resources 

Passing the MD-101 exam requires thorough preparation so candidates should train hard and use all available training options that they find. Otherwise, they risk taking the test more than once and pay the registration fee for each attempt. To avoid it, you can visit Microsoft’s official website to check the list of vendor’s study resources. Let’s see what are they.

The instructor-led training is a paid preparation option provided by Microsoft that takes candidates through a series of intensive classes. There, candidates learn how to deploy and manage modern desktop infrastructure as well as develop different protection strategies to prevent attacks on modern desktops and related devices visit

Why instructor-led courses are so popular? This is because they offer test-takers the opportunity to communicate with Microsoft experts. Thus, they will be able to ask questions to trainers directly and receive immediate answers. Also, these interactive training sessions are excellent in helping candidates clarify any misunderstandings on the exam’s items and gain hands-on experience on the evaluated topics.

In case your schedule is not very flexible, and you cannot attend the live training, you can search online for other resources. Microsoft also helps applicants to test their knowledge by taking the official practice test. Also, you can search for community forums and get in touch with other candidates to share your ideas and thoughts on the MD-101 exam.

Are Microsoft resources enough to obtain the passing score in MD-101? Keep reading and discover more about another valuable training resource that can ensure your success in this test.

Additional Training Option to Succeed in MD-101 Exam

While Microsoft website can offer helpful materials for MD-101 assessment, there are still many candidates who have difficulties in passing it from the first attempt. So, if you want to strengthen your skills increase your chances to succeed, you should take a look at the website.

It is a legit site where you can discover both free and paid braindumps that will help you pass the MD-101 exam with zero struggle. How is this possible? All the free sets of questions and answers uploaded on come from past students who now know all the ins and outs of this test.

But there is more than that! You will also find a Premium Bundle on Exam-labs. All you have to do is pay an affordable fee of $59.99 and you will receive access to an expert-validated ete file with questions and answers, a training course, and a study guide. Also, you should not oversee the fact that all their dumps come in ete format. So, you should prepare in advance and install the ETE Exam Simulator on your device. It will help you open the files, create and pass your own exams in the near-real testing environment, and so get used to the test’s difficulty and structure.


The Microsoft MD-101 exam is necessary if you want to get certified as a Modern Device Administrator Associate. As this is not an easy test, you should carefully check all the available training resources. The resources provided by Microsoft can be very helpful in your preparation, but you should go beyond it. You can use Exam-labs’sexam dumps to review what you have already learned and see what you need to study more. All these training options combined with an organized schedule will be your key to success.

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