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Ensuring Your Mobile Security



Ensuring Your Mobile Security

Recent news around the popular video-sharing social media site TikTok has led to some drastic changes in India, and has many others considering following the example as talks around widespread bans have many concerned – but some are looking more outward as it had also been suggested that many of the security and data concerns are present across all social media platforms particularly on our mobile devices and also raises questions around other commonly used apps and whether or not they have the same flaws. So the main question remains: how can we ensure our safety and mobile security when we may be unsure of just what our apps are accessing?

Permissions and Restrictions – Whenever you install an app you’re likely granted with the app permissions pop-up that many of us ignore or just agree too, but particularly for new users or those unaware these are becoming increasingly important. The permissions let you know exactly what the application has access to and can take data from, and whether or not it can access other applications on your devices such as the camera or contacts – take care when using a new or unfamiliar app for what it’s asking for access to, and if at any point you’d like to change these permissions you can disable certain permissions, although this may also disable certain features. There are also software solutions available here too – some will only allow certain permissions at certain times or when the app is directly active to prevent anything being taken whilst the app remains closed or minimized, and may be worth exploring if you’re concerned for privacy.

Regulation changes – With growing popularity comes the growing amount of changes in regulation aimed to prevent certain measures, most recently big changes have been found in the gaming industry as adjustments had been made to initiatives such as Gamstop which were set at reducing player participation options – many operators have made adjustments to allow players to access these sites and you’ll find these types of non gamstop casinos here for example, and it’s worth keeping an eye on these adjustments so you’re aware of what you may be signing up for and agreeing to.

Terms and conditions – Another part of registration many of us often ignore but as issues such as what had happened with TikTok are found, it may become more common that allowing for these practices will be moved into the long terms and conditions with users agreeing to them regardless of the consequences – if you’re concerned about your data and how it may be used, taking a closer look at the terms and conditions and what they’re really granting access to will be increasingly important moving forward.

Whilst there hasn’t been any breach or security concerns just yet, the growing fears that it is a possibility continue to remain and it only takes one to breach of this information to cause distrust amongst many users – information is quickly changing and becoming more available, and so it’s likely changes that happen here will come very quickly.

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