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ESports Premier League 2021 features a prize pool of Rs 25 lakh!! Check details



ESports Premier League 2021


  • Players will get a chance to compete for a prize pool worth Rs. 25 lakhs.
  • The League will be progressing through a series of consecutive stages as well.
  • The tournament is set to kick-start on June 16 and will go on till August 29, 2021.

ESPL is likely the first eSports tournament scheduled to take on a national scale where players will compete to represent one of the eight cities. This list of cities includes Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Punjab, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Rajasthan.

Let’s check details about ESports Premier League (ESPL) including the registration, timeline, prize pool, and the sign-up process here.

The developers have set the total prize pool of ESPL 2021 at Rs 25 lakhs besides the obvious rights and trophy. After the preliminary registrations, the matches will start from June 16, with the conclusion date set for August 29.

How ESports Premier League 2021 works?

Around 9 matches will be played on a daily basis throughout the first season of the tournament, which will follow a league-based ranking system instead of a knockout system. The League will be progressing through a series of consecutive stages as well.

These include 45 qualifiers’ matches with 540 teams, 18 quarter-final matches with 90 teams, and 16 semi-final matches with 24 teams. The format of ESPL 2021 will revolve around “Versus”, “Best of 5”, and “Best of 8” in order to select the top-performing teams.

There’s also going to be an IPL-like auction for the top 12 ‘invited teams’ where franchise/state owners will participate in a virtual-wallet-based auction. Each owner will have the option of buying/owning two teams, and these teams will go on to represent their respective state and battle against the underdog teams.

ESports Premier League 2021 Registration Details:

The registrations for the tournament are set to start in the coming weeks. Till then, interested players can head to the ESPL website to sign-up on our platform.

The sign-up process is mandatory to take part in the tournament. Players should ensure that all members of their team have registered on the platform so that they are ready when ESPL registrations open.

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Stay tuned for more information around the ESPL tournament and updates around the same.

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