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Fake Paytm website promises more than Rs 2,000 as a ‘cashback’ offer: Here’s how to avoid it



Fake Paytm website


  • A new scam promises big Paytm cashback.
  • The fraudulent website has been created to trick users.
  • Requesting money, taking remote access of the phone, and vishing some popular UPI scams.

Online payments services like Google Pay, Paytm, and PhonePe have grown in popularity over the past few years thanks to the government’s ‘Digital India’ push. UPI has made it easy for users to transfer money and our dependence on these services may have even increased during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

Due to this, Now a new scam has occurred which attacks those users who have zero knowledge about how phishing sites operate, and it is given to users in the form of a browser notification, that directing users to a fake website called

How Fake Paytm website Scam users?

The latest scam comes as a random Chrome notification saying “Congratulations! you have won Paytm Scratch Card.” It claims the user has won a Rs 2,647 cashback and the site then asks you to send the reward to your Paytm account. The site has a design similar to the official app.

In a rush to encash the cashback, many users enter their PIN. However, this will be a payment request — UPI apps do not require users to enter a PIN to accept a payment. This means they authorized a UPI payment from their phone instead of accepting money from the caller. This is a fairly common scam and many have fallen for it.

How users can protect themselves from these fake links?

Never click on any notifications or links in messages or emails promising free cashback or rewards in order to remain safe online.

Paytm will never send you a cashback offer via any other platform. You will always notice the cashback offers in the original Paytm app and not from third-party websites. The company sends cashback directly to your wallet or bank account. It will never ask you to visit different sites to collect or send the amount to the account.

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