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Fedex Drivers fired after posting video of confrontation



A driver making FedEx conveyances said Wednesday that he and a colleague were terminated after he posted a video demonstrating some portion of an encounter with a client in Georgia.

The driver tweeted that the client started reviling and compromising the pair after they conveyed a bundle to the man’s home in Leesburg, in the state’s southeast corner.

“We just apologized however he continued raising the circumstance at that point continued saying he would challenge [our] dark asses,” the laborer composed, including: “Individuals as him doesn’t make a difference white or any race ought to never affront basic specialists placing their lives in risk particularly with this covid-19.”

The worker found in the video is dark and the client seems, by all accounts, to be white.

The supposed dangers were not caught in the video, which shows one of the laborers telling the man: “You didn’t need to come out there cussing me like that.”

The client can be seen standing a few feet away, recording the showdown with his telephone. “I thought you were sitting tight for the cops,” the man said.

The nearby sheriff’s office said the Leesburg Police Department reacted to the occurrence. The Police Department couldn’t promptly be gone after remark.

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