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Fireside audio chat app now available on Android, iOS.




  • Fireside audio chat app now available on Android, iOS.
  • The app offers a common virtual location (room) with common shared topics or interests.
  • The vision for Fireside is to enable every Indian’s voice to be heard.

Fireside is a new made-in-India app by the founders of TikTok-rival Chingari, which enables its users to join virtual chat rooms and have conversations in an audio-only format.

The concept of Fireside is similar to the popular Clubhouse, which is so far available to iOS users only. Users can host live audio sessions on the platform. The interface is also similar to Clubhouse and Twitter’s spaces.

With fireside  you can voice your thoughts, or simply listen and absorb the conversations on a variety of topics in a virtual room with celebrities, friends, or mostly, strangers, said the company.

Apart from basic audio-specific features, the platform also has a group feature. It’s like WhatsApp Groups but in a voice format. The platform will also be available in various Indian languages.

Features of the Fireside app:

The nature of the sessions on the platform can range from discussions, debates, educational talks, helplines, post-match sports reviews, quizzes, or even a leisurely banter among friends in big cities, small towns, or even villages.

  • While using Fireside, you can do regular work, play video games, finish household chores, work out, take a shower or create visual art and the app will ensure that your voice is heard.
  • Making digital experiences more intimate, Fireside amalgamates entertainment and socialization with a personal voice touch.
  • The app offers a common virtual location (room) with common shared topics or interests so that people can come together for long and meaningful conversations.

You will be able to find groups on the platform where you can talk about sports, discuss things, have a debate, listen to educational talks, quiz, get reviews, and more.

The app has both open and closed chat rooms. It’s similar to an online forum, but you can only use voice to chat. The platform is an outlet for anyone who wants to speak and be heard.

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