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Five new Android 11 features copied from the iPhone



Android 11’s first open beta has shown up today, and it brings a lot of large new highlights to Google’s working framework — including a not many that should look quite recognizable to iOS clients who have had comparable usefulness for quite a while.

New Android 11 features borrow from iPhone

It’s the endless pattern of programming stages: Apple’s smart thoughts will quite often wind up on Android sooner or later, even as the following adaptation of iOS will, almost certainly, lodging a few thoughts from Android. Here we come up with the 5 new features of Android 11 that borrowed from iPhone, Yes the Android 11 comes with lots of improved features that we are going to discuss below:


One of the most observable new changes in Android 11 is the accessibility of keen home controls on an OS-level whenever through Google’s new long-press power button menu. Much like on iOS (which added HomeKit gadget control to Apple’s Control Center menu in iOS 10), you’ll have the option to effortlessly control your Google Home-associated shrewd gadgets from anyplace in Android.


Presented through Apple in a year ago’s iOS 13, Android 11 is likewise getting the alternative to affirm consents for things like area or camera access dependent upon the situation. So as opposed to conceding long haul clearing consents, Android 11 will let you offer access to the secured asset simply that one time. Google’s form makes things a stride further, however: on the off chance that you do concede broadened authorizations yet haven’t utilized the application in some time, Android 11 will reset those allowed consents.


In a comparative vein, Google is likewise making it simpler to switch between media equipment (like Google Home speakers or Bluetooth gadgets) by means of Android 11’s drop-down warning menu. Consider it like the AirPlay symbol in iOS’s Control Center however for Google speakers.

Screen capture INTERFACE

Android 11 brings a somewhat changed screen capture interface, which is like the patched up UI presented in iOS 11. Taking a screen capture will presently make a review of it show up in the base corner of the screen, which you would then be able to tap on to change to an altering apparatus to explain and share your picture. (Beforehand, screen captures and their alter alternatives were hurled into the notice plate.)


This is less an “iOS had it first” than “a great deal of organizations, including other Android designers, had it first,” yet local screen recording has been long past due for Google’s Android OS. The present execution in Android 11’s beta is really like iOS, where the component is gotten to through the Quick Settings menu (Android’s rendition of Control Center). I’m leaving this as a perhaps, however, since Google has included screen recording in betas previously, just to cut the element before dispatch. Will Android 11 be the time that it at last makes it to an open discharge? We’ll need to sit back and watch.

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