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Fix iOS 14 Beta Problems, issues and Bugs quickly



Fix iOS 14 Beta Problems, issues and Bugs quickly

Downloading and Installing new releases is always exciting and tempting but wait! Are you an iPhone user and installed the iOS 14 beta version recently? or you are thinking to install it? In both cases go through the article below and find iOS 14 beta problems and issues. Moreover, I have also shared ways to fix iOS 14 Beta Problemsthose bugs. Scroll down to Know more!

iOS 14 will come up with many exciting features and you can say it a huge release. iOS 13.5.5 came with only security issue fixes but this time Apple didn’t disappoint its users and released iOS 14. The final software will release in October with iPhone 12, expected. Till now, No official statements for this! Beta version is always a trial version and a user may encounter issues while using this trial version. If you have downloaded the beta, then you might encounter one or many of the problems given below.

What iOS 14 Beta problems and issues a user may encounter?

In my last article, I have shared features in the final version, but you may not see them here with the Beta version. So far installation and download problems, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, Face ID problems, problems with auto-brightness, crashes, lag, and problems with first and third-party applications problems have reported.

  1. The Home app may crash randomly.
  2. No favorites in the phone app or facetime App.
  3. Widgets on a home screen are not available on beta.
  4. Email sync problem. You have to manually refresh mails.
  5. Favorites do not show in the Phone app or in the FaceTime app.
  6. Multiple mail select option is missing.
  7. Creating Custom recurring events in the calendar is not possible in the beta version.
  8. Spotlight issue
  9. multilingual misaligned layout
  10. maps may hang or crash.
  11. Certain HomeKit devices do not work properly with iOS 14 beta.
  12. Screen time widget issue
  13. resizing widget issue – remove and add again.
  14. Widgets might not get arranged properly on the home screen.

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How to Fix iOS 14 Beta Problems?

No official fixes are available but you can try out below given solution in order to get rid of issues.

Restart your phone

This is the most common method to solve issues regarding phone hand, crash, and many other problems. what happens is, sometimes our device stops working due to continuous use or inappropriate command.

issues like Apps crash, Widgets not aligned properly can be solved by restarting your phone.

Check your apps

The third-party apps are prone to the beta release and could be one of the reasons for bugs. More apps mean more battery drainage. Check your app performance and find out which app is causing the disturbance.

  • Go to the Settings app -> Battery.
  • Move to the Battery Usage tool. This will give you a whole stats about apps and their battery consumption.

So, you can check and then close or uninstall such apps that are of no use.

Reset all settings

This is also another hit-and-trial method to get rid of bugs. Follow the steps below to reset all settings.

  • Go to Settings -> General.
  • Click on the reset option.
  • Select Reset All Settings.
  • Enter the password to proceed.

This will reset the settings of your device and bring your phone to all default settings. So these are the methods to Fix iOS 14 Beta Problems, issues, and Bugs quickly.

How to install the iOS 14 beta version on your iPhone right now?

Final Words

Hey Readers, So how do you like the article? These are some bugs, and issues reported so far. In case you stuck with these bugs, try out the methods shared above to Fix iOS 14 Beta Problems. Please do tell us what problem yo are facing and which method of bug fixing works for you.

Mention in a comment if you need to know more!
We appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

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Made In India App Photostat launched as an Alternative to Cam Scanner|Check How To Use?



A major step was taken by the Indian government by banning Chinese apps in late June and once again some apps have been banned.

However, many Chinese apps were used by crores of users in India, who are looking for alternatives. One such popular app was CamScanner, with the help of which PDF files could be created by scanning them from the phone’s camera and shared as documents.

Now its best ‘Made in India’ option Photostat app has come.

Many such features are also being found in the new photostat app, which was not being given in cam scanners.

Offering a wide range of features, this app is considered to be the best ‘Made in India’ option for scanning documents. This app has been prepared by Sandeep Hudkasia’s team and it is completely safe. In this app, no watermark is visible on the documents and it is 100 percent free. This means that no ads in the app are shown to the user while using.

How To Use In Hindi?

  • Talking about other features, support of the Hindi language has also been provided in the app. Apart from this, you can also mark the required documents as favorites.
  • Also, the option of a one-click share has also been given in this app. Users can download this app from Google Play Store.
  • After giving basic storage and camera permissions this app only needs to point the camera at a document, after which it can be scanned and saved or shared in PDF format

Scanned documents can also be arranged in different folders in this app with a size of about 37 MB. It also has four color filters and the app has got ratings of over 4.8 on the Play Store.

Google launched “people cards” in India: How to make your people cards on Google?

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Salesforce Certification: How To Get Salesforce Certification?



Salesforce Certification

Are you dedicated and willing to put the work in such a way to get big rewards? Then Salesforce Certification is for you !!

Salesforce certification always leads the charts whenever it comes to Customer Relationship Management Products (CRM). Well, it is for either small business houses or the top business leads, everybody needs Salesforce Certification

Now you must want to know How to get Salesforce Certification? Don’t panic, Here You will get a complete guide !! Just keep scrolling !!
You’ll find Salesforce products and services in use across a broad array of industries like –


  • Automotive 
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Media and communications
  • Finance


What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud computing service as a software (SaaS) company that is popularly known for customer relationship management (CRM).

It helps companies by availing them of an interface for case management and task management. Nevertheless, it also provides a system for automatically routing and escalating important events.

It is an American Cloud Based Company which is headquartered at San Fransisco of California. It sells a complete suite of enterprise applications that is more focussed on Customer related Services and helps in Automation and application development. 

  • Salesforce also offers cloud-based products.
  •  Intelligent Customer Success Platform.
  •  Supports the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence.

Benefits of Salesforce Certification

Salesforce certifications offer three big things:-

  •  Increase marketability in a tight IT job market by allowing you to become a subject matter expert. 
  • They offer flexibility in that you can get certified in very little time. 
  • The more certifications you will have, the higher milestones will be achieved.

Salesforce certification exams Most Salesforce certifications are achieved by passing a 60-question, multiple-choice exam. Depending on the certification, you can expect the exam to last between 90 and 120 minutes.

How To Get Salesforce Certification?

Step 1: Register Yourself 

  • Go to the Salesforce Certification Page.
  • You will see a Register Button here.
  • It will redirect you to the Webassessor login page.
  • In case You don’t have a Webassessor account, make it first.

Step 2: Confirmation Mail

After making an account on Salesforce Certification, You will get an acknowledgment mail with a welcome note and other details.

Step 3: Register For Salesforce Certification Exam 

In order to get a salesforce certification, You need to select the subject in which you want to conduct your exam.

The categories will be like:-

  • Administrator
  • Instructor 
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Architect 
  • Developers
  • Specialists
  • Implementation experts
  • Marketers
  • Pardot experts
  • Consultants etc

Step 4: Choose A Testing Center 

After registering and selecting your subject, Now in order to get Salesforce Certification, You need to choose a Testing center and pick a date for the test from the list of available dates.

Note: In case you want to reschedule your exam, give notice prior 72 hours otherwise penalty will be charged.

Step 5: Make the Payment and Note the Test Code

It is recommended to take a print out of this. 

  • Give your test
  • The result will be straight away in your mail.
  • You got your Salesforce Certification, Congrats !!

Found it Informative ?? Then Share It Maximum !!

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Google launched “people cards” in India : How to make your people cards on Google?



Google today launched “people cards” in India to let individuals create their profiles on its search engine.

You may be wondering why we’re launching this feature in India first,” said Clark in a briefing. “We are always looking for new ways to make search more useful for people.
We found that there was some unique information needs to India that we could help serve first.”

Google has brought the convenience of people’s cards to mobile users. This means that you will need to log into your Google account on your mobile device to create your public profile.

The new feature that has been in testing in the country for a couple of years brings a virtual visiting cards-like experience to Google Search, where users can highlight their existing websites or social media profiles to detail their identity to the public.

In addition, the new experience is only available in English for now, although other languages ​​will be added.

How to make your people cards on Google

  • To create your people’s card, sign in to your Google account and search for “Add me to search”. Now you will get a prompt, “Add yourself to Google search”.
  • Tap on that prompt and you will then be asked to provide your phone number which will be verified through a six-digit unique code to begin the process.
  • Google Search allows you to create your own people’s card by searching for “add me to search”

Now, Google will provide you with a form to create your public profile.

By adding a brief description of your location as well as about you and your business.

You will get options to add details about your work, education, hometown, websites, and social media profiles.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Will have These Latest Exclusive Features Now 

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