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Free Fire bans 1.2 million accounts globally for cheating!! Check details



Garena Free Fire


  • Free Fire bans 1.2 million accounts for reasons of cheating.
  • The Free Fire Corporation has decided to take strict action against hackers.
  • More than 60% of cases are related to the modification of the character model, auto-aim hacks, and X-ray vision.

Garena has announced that it has banned over 1.2 million accounts in the past two weeks for hacking. The exact number of accounts banned stands at 1282282. An additional 80,290 accounts were banned for intentionally teaming with hackers. Garena states that 50% of the accounts were banned following reports from players.

The developers also gave out the information regarding the type of cheats used :

  • 6%: Modification of Character Model
  • 19%: Modification of Area Damage
  • 19%: Speed Cheats
  • 23%: Auto-Aim Cheats
  • 26%: X-Ray Vision
  • 7%: Others

Free Fire bans 1.2 million accounts: The Garena spokesperson said

The company is extremely strict when it comes to incidents of hacking. “We have zero tolerance for any activity that undermines the integrity and fairness of our game”.

The company implemented an anti-hack system to catch cheaters in the battle royale. Players with unauthorized third-party apps, scripts, or macros that are caught by the anti-hack team will lose their accounts forever with no chance of recovery.

Do ensure not to team up with players who cheat or use any application that may modify the game file. If you do encounter a suspicious player during a Free Fire match, you can report them by filling the Hacker Report Form in the in-game support menu.

Free Fire bans 1.2 million accounts: stats

  • Auto-aim (74.7 %): Directly aiming at the opponent without making any effort.
  • Teleport (9.8%): Able to go anywhere on the map, and thus escaping fights when they feel low and eliminating the player far away later.
  • Through the walls (7.1%): able to hit that cause damage to opponents even when they are cover like walls and trees.
  • Antenna (0.4%): Able to see the location of opponents on the map. Hence they can take them down easily.
  • Others (8%): other various hacks and cheats.

Garena Free Fire has urged players to play fairly, they suggest you acquire the talents by spending the maximum amount of time within the game and become better by defeating enemies and killing them.

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With the measure’s taken against the hackers getting stricter, it’ll be interesting to ascertain if the cheaters learn from this and stop such unfair practices.

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