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Free Fire OB27 confirms release date and rewards revealed by developers



Garena Free Fire


  • Free Fire OB27 confirms the release date of their most latest update.
  • Free Fire OB27 update will introduce new characters, modes, pets, and many improvements and bug fixes.
  • Recently, Garena has teased new elements, which include a character and a gun with silhouettes.

Ever since the Free Fire OB27 Advanced Server’s release, players have been eagerly waiting for the upcoming update, which is just around the corner.

Free Fire OB27 update release date

As per the previous update launch pattern, the game update is expected to release on April 14, 2021 (UTC), and the same is confirmed by the game officials through their latest tweet and will be available to download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The in-game servers will be taken down for maintenance before the new content gets available to play, and no player will be able to enter the game during this period.

List of changes in the Free Fire OB27 as compare to OB26

  1. The UI of the Character System will be changed to make it more accessible for the users. This change will make it easier for the players to switch between numerous characters.
  2. A new weapon, Kord, has been added to the game to raise the gamer experience.
  3. The Advanced Server features three new characters – Awakened Andrew, Xayne, and a mystery character.
  4. Character skills will also be balanced in the upcoming patches.
  5. Like the previous few Advance Servers, the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server also features a Mystery character.
  6.  Free Fire has announced that Bermuda Remastered will be permanently opened after the patch, and numerous changes will be made with regards to the characters.

Free Fire has revealed the exact release date and rewards for the upcoming patch in one of its latest social media posts.

The social media post reads like this:

“The patch update is happening on the 14th of April! Update the game and login to get bonus rewards. Many new features and updates to look forward to this coming week. Don’t forget to jump into the hype and join the rest in Bermuda Remastered!”

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