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Games Inbox: What will the PS5 launch games be?



Horizon Zero Dawn – will the sequel be a PS5 launch game? (pic: Sony)

The Tuesday Inbox looks back at some of gaming’s strangest TV ads, as one reader struggles with RSI and video games.

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Lynch pin
So most rumours seem pretty certain that the PlayStation 5 reveal is early June, just a few weeks from now and before Microsoft’s big Xbox event. I’m not sure I believe it purely for that reason but assuming it’s true, and it’s got to happen at some point, what does everyone think will be the launch games?

The only one we know about for sure is Godfall and I guess whatever Ubisoft games are coming out this Christmas, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion. The main Sony exclusive though? I’m going to bet Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Guerrilla Games have been quietest the longest, are the most tech-heavy studio, and have made launch games before, they seem a perfect fit.

Then you’ve got the rumours of Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake, which still seems weird to me, but everyone seems pretty adamant about it. Maybe there’ll be a surprise like Gran Turismo 7, which we also haven’t heard about in years, but although everything else seems to have leaked out many times before I don’t remember hearing anything convincing about that.

Add in free games like Call Of Duty: Warzone and Warframe and you’ve got the bones of a pretty decent launch line-up. Although it does kind of depend on the quality of Horizon Zero Dawn 2, or whatever the main game is. That’s the lynch pin for the whole launch. If it’s only so-so and Halo Infinite is a classic then I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily going to be enough. With luck we’ll, finally, get to see next month.

Hell on Earth
Just viewed all The Last Of Us Part 2 videos (official ones only, no spoilers here) after not seeing any since the opening one of 2016 with Ellie playing the guitar.

Yes, this games has been in production for at least five years and looks like Hell on Earth, the level of violence is extremely high from the expressions on the characters’ faces to the feeling of dread I felt just watching it; not to mention the realism of the gore is exceptional. It feels like a massive step up from the original and the sound of effects amazing. But I think younger players and people with a disposition may find the game overwhelming.

Me, myself I don’t mind this type of immersion but after viewing the videos I felt unsettled because some people in real life face this kind of violence. Just hope they find the target audience and no underage gamers.
bigboss1960 (PSN ID)

Eight years later
With the lockdown still ongoing, it’s finally given me the time to catch up on a backlog of games that’s been building up for some time. While I’ve felt a little bad sat in front of a TV while the sun was shining outside it’s also given me a chance to enjoy some classics that I’d previously overlooked and return to some games I never finished.

In and amongst these was SSX (2012). While it was never the greatest game it was still fun and I recall enjoying it eight years ago when it was first released. However, I never managed to beat Griff down that final course. Fast forward to 2020 (and several frustrated evenings later) and I did it!

It’s probably the eight years talking here, but while it’s hardly the most challenging boss I’ve encountered I can’t recall ever being as pound of myself for finishing a game before. This includes torturous bosses such as Sigrún (God Of War) or games I’ve invested months in (such as Zelda: Breath Of The Wild).

This could be because it’s taken me eight years to complete it (by far the longest its every taken me to finish a game) or just the self-reassurance that that 30-year-old me is a superior gamer to 22-year-old me! Either way I was pretty pleased with myself!

Perhaps the question of ‘What is your most satisfying gameplay moment or accomplishment?’ could be a future Hot Topic?

GC: We’ve done it before but it’s probably about time for it to come round again.

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Slow progress
I mainly play and review VR games on my YouTube channel and podcasts and missed out on playing Shenmue 3 at release even though I have been waiting to play it for 19 years or so.

Anyway, I decided pick it up for PC in the Epic Games Store sale for just over £12, so I didn’t have to open my PlayStation 4 limited run edition, and have got about an hour into it.

Wow, it looks just like the Dreamcast games graphics-wise, which I am happy with, but story-wise it’s off to a pretty slow start. I will persevere with it over the next few days and hope it’s not 19 years until the next episode.

Stay alert people!

Really Stressed Internally
So I was hoping to ask the GC community for some advice. I’ve developed the dreaded repetitive strain injury over my time gaming. It started small but as the years have dragged on it’s become something I really can’t ignore anymore. I’m taking a self-imposed three months off the games and I’ve reduced my typing at work as much as possible. I’ve got a bunch of exercises to try and rebuild the strength in my tendons but I was hoping to get some advice from anyone who’s suffered something similar.

I’ve seen a couple of comments about it and I was just hoping there were some readers who might offer me some advice. If you don’t fancy writing in please contact me via my gamertag.

Has anyone at GC suffered from RSI? Have to imagine between the gaming and the typing you might have some advice.
DarKerR (gamertag)

GC: We don’t, thankfully, but perhaps a reader can help.

Strange promotion
Having owned a Sega Saturn back in the day I thoroughly enjoyed Commodores Fan’s Reader’s Feature this weekend. In addition to giving me those sweet nostalgic feels it genuinely filled in some details I was previously unaware of regarding the missteps Sega made at the time.

But the reason I’m writing in is because of the embedded Saturn TV adverts that I’d never seen before. They were utterly bizarre and I’m at a loss as to how they could possibly have been considered as likely to compel viewers to buy the console.

Having said that, it was far from the only console advert to try the surreal and a touch disturbing approach. Do any older readers remember Sony’s Mental Wealth and the Third Place efforts? Or Life is Short for the original Xbox? I hadn’t even seen the terrifying baby advert for the PlayStation 3 until now. I understand that if an advert gets people talking it’s working, but still. Was the completely bonkers approach an attempt to try and shake gaming’s image as a childish past time?

Maybe reader’s favourite surreal and/or funny video game adverts would make a good future Hot Topic? In any case here’s a little gem to lighten everyone’s day, wikki wikki wick indeed!
Meestah Bull

Free or thereabouts
I hope GC and readers are staying safe and well during these troubling times.

Just saw a good bargain on the Switch which will help alleviate the lockdown blues, with NBA 2K20 on sale for £2.49! I believe it’s £3.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox as well. Seems too good a deal to pass up.

Also, the Lego Ninjago Movie Game is free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC at the moment as well, which will help keep the little ones occupied during the lockdown. Stay safe everyone.
Cubes (PSN ID)/
Kevin M/SW-3654-9259-0500

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Moment in time
I wrote in last week about how Epic’s recent Unreal Engine 5 on PlayStation 5 tech demo had started to give people unrealistic expectations of what next gen games are going to look like in the immediate future (as well as the power of the PlayStation 5 in particular, compared to other hardware), only to be told by GC that there would be no backlash when they discover the upcoming PlayStation 5 games don’t actually look like that because people would understand that tech demos haven’t been realistic representations of actual games since at least the PlayStation 2…

Only to find a massive reader-submitted article a few days later all about how the tech demo had made him utterly convinced that Sony’s soon to be announced PlayStation 5 exclusives will look close to that (when anybody who actually understands AAA game development knows they won’t. It’s gonna be years before anything near that fidelity is commonplace on a full-size AAA game. The budget and attention required for such a tech demo is not even remotely sustainable for a full game, no matter what studio we are talking about).

As well as falsely how only the PlayStation 5 could render it thanks to its custom SSD. This despite the fact that Tim Sweeney explicitly said in an interview that that very same demo would run just fine on PC (with a RTX 2070 Super) using a standard PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSD, which means it would easily run on Xbox Series X as well (and probably at a higher resolution than the PlayStation 5’s 1440p to boot, thanks to the much wider GPU and wider memory bus).

I have nothing against the tech demo itself. It’s an accurate representation of what will eventually (key word here) be possible with this new next generation hardware and game engine, but I’m getting more and more convinced by the day that the way Epic and Sony have handled this exclusive marketing deal is going to seriously bite Sony in the butt. People aren’t viewing this as the multi-platform, future engine tech demo it is, but as the slice of ‘next gen gameplay’ they desperately wanted to see but didn’t get from Microsoft (at least yet). It’s spinning people’s expectations for the PlayStation 5 (and next gen in general, at least in the short term) WIDELY out of proportion, and I have a feeling things are going to come crashing down like a stone this summer when games start actually being shown because of it.

Microsoft may have utterly blown its first Xbox Series X event by labelling what was largely a small AA studio game announcement event (that would have been fine had it been advertised as such. People’s expectations would have been much more in check if they’d had known most of those games were made by like one to 15 person teams) as this big AAA third party next gen gameplay showcase that it completely wasn’t.

But that also means people’s expectations aren’t particularly high and it’ll be near impossible for their first party showcase not to be a massive improvement. Sony on the other hand, is going to have one hell of a time trying to live up to the absolutely absurd levels of hype that this selectively marketed tech demo is stirring up left and right, almost no matter what they show off. This whole thing is giving me some serious Cell flashbacks.

GC: There’ll almost certainly be no backlash because nobody is going to even remember the demo as soon as they start showing the real games. We’re not saying that’s a good thing necessarily, but it’s what always happens.

Inbox also-rans
Wow, Epic Games Store has given away £1,768 worth of free games to each person who has downloaded their free games!
Andrew J.

I thought Ubisoft said that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was going to be smaller than the last two games? What happened to that? I don’t fancy another 50 hours of pointless level grinding.

GC: They said it was shorter, until now they didn’t say anything about the size of the map.

This week’s Hot Topic
The question for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Comp, who asks what highly anticipated game has come closest to meeting or exceeding your expectations?

Hype can get out of control sometimes but what game turned out to be as good, or better, than you were expecting? How often does it happen that games live up to your expectations and how upset do you get when they don’t?

If the game was better than you expected how did it manage that? Did you purposefully avoid too much information about it or had you got the wrong idea from the marketing and reviews? Or were some of the details purposefully kept secret?

E-mail your comments to:

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You can also submit your own 500 to 600-word Reader’s Feature at any time, which if used will be shown in the next available weekend slot.

You can also leave your comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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How to get unlimited Free Fire Diamonds free: no human verification



How to get unlimited Free Fire Diamonds

Want Free Fire Diamonds? As you all know that The Free Fire Epic Games provides diamonds for users to earn characters, pets, and various items. Every player in Free Fire wishes to get various skins, characters, and emotes in the game.

These items look fascinating and appealing but are of no particular use until The players spend Free Fire Diamonds to obtain most of these items.

Many videos and websites on the internet claim that they provide unlimited diamonds, But how many of them are actually genuine?

Most of them are not operational or may bring malicious stuff to your devices. Then what to do? Nothing, Just keep scrolling and discover everything here.

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Free Fire Diamonds and Coins

Free fire diamonds are costly enough for most of the players and purchasing them is another big task. That’s why often these players want alternative ways to get free fire diamonds.

How to get unlimited Free Fire Diamonds?

In Garena Free Fire, there is no alternative to get unlimited diamonds since it is a server-based game, which means that all data is usually stored on the server and not on the client.

But there are some third-party was by which gamers use to earn free fire diamonds, although they are illegal.

Free Fire Diamond Generator

Let me tell you very clearly here that everything like “Free Fire Diamond Generator” on the internet is a fake. They actually don’t work and may get you stuck in an endless loop of never-ending tasks.

They usually flood the screen with bogus ads and are illegal and require players to pass fake human verification. Players are recommended to never use these tools as they are fake and illegal.

Free Fire Diamond Generator without Human Verification 2020

If you are a pro-gamer then you must know that there are two types of currencies available in the game.

  • Diamonds
  • Coins

This currency helps the players to get all the exclusive items.

However, in order to get diamonds, players would have to lose their packets, but coins can be earned in the game. Buying diamonds may cost 80 INR for 100250 INR for 310, etc.

But as informed earlier purchasing these diamonds is not as affordable as it seems.

Alternative Ways to Get Free Fire Diamonds

#1 Google Opinion Rewards

This app is owned by Google and helps players to get Google to pay credits by performing simple surveys and in return, you will get free diamonds in the free fire.

#2 GrabPoints

GrabPoints is a popular get-paid-to that can be used by players. It rewards them with points for completing various offers present on the website, like surveys.

These points can be redeemed to earn diamonds in Free Fire.

#3 YSense

This app also helps to earn free fire diamonds by simply completing certain simpler tasks and in return, you may get numerous rewards present on the website.

Free Fire Diamond Hack: Without Human Verification

According to the Anti-Cheat FAQ present on the official website of Garena Free Fire, the use of any third-party application is to perform functions that would otherwise not be possible as it is considered as an offense of cheating.

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In fact, Garena has zero tolerance to any cheating measures including Free Fire diamond hacks. As the anti-cheat system is being improvisation every day. So it is recommended to not visit any suspicious websites.

So go and grab Free fire diamonds quickly. 

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Fortnite guide: How to unlock Wolverine skin from the season 4 battle pass



Fortnite guide: How to unlock Wolverine skin from the season 4 battle pass

Hey gamers, Have you checked out the new Wolverine skin yet? If the answer to this question is yes, then you must want to Unlock Wolverine skin now and want to know about Fortnite Skin Generator? Then, look no further folks, Just keep scrolling and know everything here. 

 You will be glad to know that this Season 4 of Fortnite is based on the Marvel universe. Sounds great?

How To Get Fortnite’s New Free PS Plus Exclusive Skin

What It Is All About?

There are eight heroes/villains you can unlock throughout Season 4. Those skins include :

  • ThorStorm,
  • Iron Man,
  • Mystique,
  • Doctor Doom,
  • She-Hulk,
  • Wolverine,
  • Groot.

You can unlock and get these exclusive skins by accomplishing a few challenges. For example,  Tony Stark’s allows him to turn into Iron Man. 

You must complete the secret challenges each week, and then you unlock the skin at the end of the season once you’ve completed each secret challenge. But, unlocking the Wolverine skin is not as easy as it seems.

Just gaining XP and leveling up your battle pass for Wolverine will not work alone, you’ll need to accomplish a broad array of specific challenges in order to unlock this outfit, which is like Deadpool and Aquaman from the last two seasons.

How to unlock Wolverine skin?

By completing weekly challenges in Fortnite or via Fortnite Skin Generator

 To unlock the Wolverine skin in Fortnite, you just need to follow few steps;

  1. Initially, Purchase Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 battle pass. As without Battle Pass, It won’t be possible to earn rewards which include Wolverine
  2. After getting or buying the Battle Pass, You will be given certain tasks so what you have to do is to -complete a series of weekly challenges to unlock Wolverine’s skin.

But How to Identify/Unlock Wolverine Skin challenges Only?

  • Go to the Battle Pass menu first.
  • Then under the Challenges tab, you can select the Wolverine Challenges option.
  • Every week will bring you closer in series of unlocking Wolverine skin. You’ll need to complete a new challenge until you earn the ultimate prize.

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Fortnite Wolverine’s Challenges 

 Challenge 1 — Investigate claw marks in Weeping Woods

         Reward:  Berserker Barrage! Spray

Challenge 2 — Find the loading screen picture at the Quinjet Patrol site

        Reward:  Adamantium Slash loading screen

Challenge 3 — Find Wolverine’s trophy at Dirty Docks

        Reward: Wolverine’s Trophy back bling

Wolverine Challenges And Rewards

  • Investigate Claw Marks: Berserker Barrage (Spray)
  • Find Loading Screen at Quinjet Patrol Site: Adamantium Slash (Loading Screen)
  • Find Sentinel Head At Dirty Docks — Wolverine’s Trophy (Back Bling)

How to unlock Wolverine Skin : Classic variant in Fortnite?

  • If you have unlocked the Wolverine skin in Fortnite, then only you can unlock its Classic variant, which is a version of his original costume.
  • So initially unlock Wolverine skin by accomplishing the first 6 challenges.
  • After this, you have to complete 10 challenges across both the Week 5 and Week 6 weekly challenge lists. This doesn’t mean that you’ve got to complete all of the challenges from both weeks, instead, you have the ability to pick and choose the challenges you wish to complete.

Final Words

This is all about how to unlock Wolverine skin from the season 4 battle pass. 

Found informative? Then Share it maximum !!


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How To Get Fortnite’s New Free PS Plus Exclusive Skin



How To Get Fortnite’s New Free PS Plus Exclusive Skin

Hey Fortnite lovers, Are you looking for Fortnite’s New Free PS Plus Exclusive Skin?

Fortnite is giving away a free skin to PlayStation Plus players as part of an ongoing agreement with Sony. Want it for free? Great, After all, who doesn’t like free goodies. Nothing to worry folks, this quick guide will let you know all the best possible working ways to unlock Fortnite’s New Free PS Plus Exclusive Skin.

This brand new free Fortnite skin will make you really stand out on the battlefield, with a unique outfit and back bling. The skin is known as Point Patroller, and the best part is that it is available in traditional PlayStation 4 colors :

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Silver

It also comes with back bling, Recon Strike.

But, How Can You Own It, Rightfully?

You are lucky enough in case you get this Fortnite’s New Free PS Plus Exclusive Skin for free while logging in to your account, and Epic has given it to you as a reward. Yes, this happens too but at very rare times.

But if nothing happens similar, in that case, you will have to move to the Fortnite page of the PlayStation store and redirect to the “add ons” page.

If it’s mentioned over there, then you have to just select it and download it. And it will be yours for free without spending a penny.

How to Unlock the Fortnite’s New Free PS Plus Exclusive Skin?

To get this new free Fortnite PS Plus skin, you should initially have an action PlayStation Plus subscription. If you have so, then you can then move to the Fortnite section of the PlayStation Store.

From this place, you can download Fortnite’s New Free PS Plus Exclusive Skin. Just press enter don Download tab and this skin will be yours.

How to Make Money Playing Fortnite ($100+ per month)

But in case you are playing on PC or you are an iOS user, then also you can own this Fortnite’s New Free PS Plus Exclusive Skin.

For this, follow these quick steps :

  • Link your PlayStation account to Epic Games’ services.
  • Make your content available across different platforms.

Benefits of Getting this Skin?

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

With this skin, PlayStation players will be able to differentiate themselves from other console users and some may enjoy this experience.

Alternative Way to Get this Fortnite’s New Free PS Plus Exclusive Skin

Epic also gives us free extras – but exclusively for only Playstation 4 players. This benefit is used to given by makers to the subscribers of Playstation only.

Fortnite vs Apex Legends – Which Battle Royale is Better?

What you have to do is :

Sign up for PS Plus > Get the Carbon pack for free.

Benefits :

  1. The skin included in the Carbon pack is the Carbon Commando one that was discovered by data miners in the v8.10 patch update.
  2. It comes along with its own matching back bling, which is PS customized and has the console’s triangle printed on it

How Can You Get It?

  • Go to the PS Store.
  • Explore Fortnite,
  • Move to game add-ons.
  • Pick Carbon Pack for downloading.

Final Words :

This is all about “How To Get Fortnite’s New Free PS Plus Exclusive Skin”. I hope you would find it fruitful. Do share your views in the comment section below.

Thanks 🙂

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