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Games Inbox: When do you think GTA 6 will be out?



GTA Online screenshot

When do you expect GTA 6? (pic: Rockstar Games)

The Tuesday Inbox worries about XCOM 2 on Switch and its physical edition, as one reader admits to loving The Witcher 3’s combat.

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Rough date
I agree that the Reader’s Feature about GTA 6 and GTA Online 2 made a lot a sense. Rockstar are essentially trapped by the success of GTA 5 and releasing any kind of replacement risks damaging the sales of GTA 5 and turning off repeat customers from GTA Online. The only obvious time for GTA 6 is if GTA 5 sales start falling but they’ve only been going up over the lockdown.

It’s also, I think, a reflection that graphics are so good nowadays that GTA 5 still seems impressive to most people, even though technically it’s a last gen game. So maybe the advent of the next gen will also help to make a replacement seem more necessarily. Although Rockstar could easily just end up remastering it again.

One option that could work though is release GTA 6 as a companion piece rather than a replacement. Having its online mode being basically the same as GTA Online but the story mode completely new and with next gen graphics. So essentially a giant expansion pack of sorts. I dunno, it still feels a bit of a fudge I admit.

The problem is that it’s almost impossible to predict the release date. If we don’t hear about the game this year, at either Sony or Microsoft’s reveal events then there’s basically no way of telling what Rockstar are planning. 2K’s hint that it would be out by 2025 was something, I guess, but sometime in the next five years does not exactly narrow things down.

Leaving soon-ish
Maybe I’m being too cynical, but it makes perfect business sense for Microsoft to be so vague with when games leave the Game Pass catalogue, despite licensing deals surely having definitive expiry dates.

They highlight the titles in the leaving soon section, no doubt to trigger the ‘I can’t miss out on this’ mentality from people. If you’re lucky, you finish the game, get the achievements, etc… if not, you can pay to own the game outright, so it’s not left unfinished.
ttfp saylow (gamertag)
Now playing: Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Yakuza 0

Big Ticket
I’ve just seen the trailer for Paper Mario: The Origami King. Compared to the last couple of entries in the series my impression was definitely one of ‘this looks much more like it’.

I think I was a bit meh at the announcement because the franchise has been somewhat in the doldrums for a long time and I’ve probably been sucked in to the clamour for Nintendo to announce something a bit more big ticket, that’s been growing online for a while. I would urge anyone whose initial reaction was similar to check out the trailer though, as it gave me hope that this will be a welcome return to form for the series and a worthy addition to the Switch catalogue (from a first party point of view).

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Feel bad story
Just finished reading the Edge Feel Better issue in the past week and got my latest issue on Thursday. I see some people are selling the Feel Better issue on eBay for a huge mark up over the actual cost, as they are
classing it as a special issue and I think Future Publishing have sold out of that issue.

I will be keeping mine. People are spending £25 for it!
Andrew J.
PS: Currently trying to play Xbox One game Star Wars: Battlefront 2 campaign but it crashed my Xbox One X quite badly the other day and I looked online and other people are having problems with it too.

No response required
Given the fifth anniversary and recent show, there’s been a fair few letters recently praising The Witcher 3. This letter doesn’t buck that trend – it’s probably my favourite game of this generation – but rather it says I really liked the combat!

Shocking, I know, as it seems no Witcher 3 letter, however short, refrains from bringing it up. It’s got to the point where it feels like a legal disclaimer. I actually made a game of guessing on which line the remark will appear!

Another good game is guessing which letters you respond to. I haven’t got stats, but my hunch is those ones where the person is being purposefully provocative or one’s criticising your favourite games!
Dogen’s Brain

GC: Generally it’s only ones which ask a question or which we feel imply something that isn’t true. We’ve never commented when someone criticises The Witcher 3’s combat.

No early warning
On Friday we’re seeing Bioshock, Borderlands, and XCOM 2 all released on the Switch, with Bioshock and Borderlands getting a marketing push from Nintendo themselves with a competition on their official store. But XCOM 2 is nowhere to be seen.

I know that these are physical releases in a pretty loose sense, given the additional downloads required, but I’d quite like to get XCOM physically if possible, but so far I can’t find it. Do you know if it’s actually getting a physical release, if it’s been delayed or what?

Will you be reviewing any of these Switch releases? I assume of Friday’s releases, Xenoblade Chronicles will get priority, but it’d be nice to know how well the ports shape up.
Euclidian Boxes

GC: None of those 2K games are sending out review copies before launch, although we will try and cover at least XCOM 2 and Borderlands. We’ll ask about physical copies when we talk to them next.

Too easy not to care
I was always against downloading my games, as I want a physical copy. Old skool gamer here, for the record. If I completed it or it wasn’t to my satisfaction, I’d trade it and move on. With the fast loading system of the Switch it’s changed my mind about it. Seems hard to cancel and finish a game you’re playing these days and have to physically remove the cartridge in the system, laziness I guess. Yes, I still like my physical copies for the cases and to say I bought that in the series and for my physical collections at home. But they’re making it so easy now for us all to not care.

I know we’re just playing into the hands of the games companies but we as gamers have beliefs left too. We want a choice. The coronavirus isn’t helping, it’s playing into games company’s hands, I feel. It’s also playing into indie studio games hands too. I have to say that after a week of recommendations on the Inbox that Lonely Mountains: Downhill gets an award of some sorts at The Game Awards ceremonies. It’s excellent in all respects and even for the price which I heard someone tut tut about, it’s really excellent value. Once you work out what you need to speed run it or just stay safe on a run and do it twice over it’s really an excellent game. The controls really are excellent in my opinion.

I’m sorry for writing so much and changing topics, but it’s my day off tomorrow and we’re consistently hectic at work behind the scenes as a keyworker. I’m not getting much of a break for all the overtime I’m doing. Stay safe and stay smart as lockdown lifts.
Nick The Greek

GC: Stay safe yourself, we’re sure everyone appreciates your efforts. Lonely Mountains came out last year on all the other formats, so it’s unlikely to qualify for any awards this year.

It gets worse
I have been enjoying playing Scrabble online for many years but now we have to use Scrabble Go – at first I innocently thought it was OK when an opponent wanted to chat but men (scammers) are using it as a chatline, asking personal questions, etc.

I will delete the app, as I don’t feel safe. I am a pensioner and men are using this site either as a dating site or for monetary scams! I’ve heard about this where men use media to ask for money.

GC: Several people have suggested Words With Friends 2 as an alternative, although we haven’t played it ourselves.

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Gimmie a reason
I can’t help think that this game of chicken that Microsoft and Sony are playing with each other could backfire. We’ve known about the consoles for ages now, it seems, but without any tangible information in regards to price or games.

I know that this strategy might have worked in previous generations, but this year is completely unlike any other time in recent history. How many people are going to be fed up with video games by the end of year after lockdown? Also, how many people might have less money than usual?

Myself, I’m still working but don’t have the means to spend without careful consideration first. Before the end of the year I’m interested in Paper Mario: The Origami King, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2, and Super Mario: All-Stars 2 (if either or both are confirmed) as well as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, Cyberpunk 2077, with cyberpunk mods, and Ghost Of Tsushima. I’m also always a sucker for FIFA. Not to mention the fact I’ve already got The Last Of Us Part 2 and Bioshock for Switch on pre-order.

Now, I won’t get all these games but even if I spend, say, £30 on average each month that’s around £200 by Xmas. I’ve got my birthday before then. So realistically I could perhaps afford a new console by the end of the year but at the moment there’s nothing to entice me into saving my cash rather than buying new games. Each month that passes without any concrete news is time I might have spent saving my money rather than buying new games. I’m sure that other people on any other given year might have the money to buy a new console at short notice but given the current situation many people may need more time to save up.

I know that neither Microsoft and Sony don’t want to play their hand first but wait too long and they may lose some of their potential customers.

GC: People’s hunger for new consoles, and their ability to pay for them, has already been cited by Microsoft’s boss as a serious issue, and, as you say, the continued secrecy is not helping.

Inbox also-rans
Have you guys had any first-hand experience of Summer In Mara? It looks like a mix of Harvest Moon and Zelda: The Wind Waker on a lovely sunny island with lush graphics and great music. But… how does it play?

GC: We haven’t played it yet, but we will try and review it when we can. It doesn’t have a release date yet though.

After 20 odd years I thought I was over Aeris’ fate in Final Fantasy 7, until I played the remake that is. Why did they have to make her so sweet and innocent?! I’m not sure I can play that part of the remake.

GC: We’re not sure it will go the same way it did originally. Also, it’s Aerith nowadays.

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With so many formats over the years nobody gets to play every well-received video game that’s released but what’s the most famous one that you’ve somehow avoided? Was it because you didn’t have the right console or PC, because it didn’t appeal at the time, or simply because you didn’t have the money?

Was there any notable game you went for a long time without playing and recently got a chance to try out? What did you think of it in the end and do you have plans to catch up on the other titles you’ve missed?

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