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Google Assistant latest update provides Useful New Features for the Whole Family



Google Assistant latest update


  • Google has added several new features to Google Assistant before Mother’s Day.
  • Google Assistant just stole one of Alexa’s best features
  • The company is trying to make Assistant more useful for your family.

Google is celebrating Mother’s Day this year with a few useful new Google Assistant capabilities that could make communicating with your family even easier.

The Google Assistant latest update brings novel entertainment options to home devices, including support for more stories and games. On top of all that, the Assistant will now let you quiet those new alarms with a simple command.

Google Assistant latest update: Message broadcast Feature to all members

The Broadcast feature has been extended, so you can send a message to everyone in your family group no matter which device they have – as long as it runs Google Assistant, of course.

Users will now have the ability to broadcast a message to all members throughout units (Google Home and Nest units, smartphones, and so forth.) by making a Google Family Group. Even members in the group who use an Assistant-enabled iOS gadget may also have the ability to obtain and reply to the broadcast.

New reminders for Family Members

Google is also adding new reminders to its Family Bell feature, which lets you set up recurring reminders for your family. Google now lets you automatically remind your family that someone needs to water the plants or remind your kids (or spouse) to clean up the house, just in time for spring cleaning.

A command like “Hey Google, tell my family, let’s have dinner at seven” will push the message to all smart Nest speakers and displays, Google says. Recipients can then reply by voice or by tapping the reply button.

Google Assistant latest update added Entertainment features

Assistant is also getting a few more entertainment features, from Harry Potter stories that will start appearing this weekend, stories about real-life heroes like Jane Goodall or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and games for the Nest Hub.

Google is introducing three new songs to motivate kids in helping with chores around the house. There will also be new trivia games to play, including one based on the popular Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? game show.

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