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Google Assistant latest update: Three new features to make conversations feel more natural.



Google Assistant latest update


  • Google Assistant will now pronounce names more accurately.
  • The search giant is adding three new features to make conversations feel more natural.
  • To fix Timer inputs, Google Assistant is rebuilding its BERT tech.

Google Assistant is getting a bunch of new updates and one of them includes learning how to pronounce names accurately. This feature will definitely be a very convenient upgrade for the AI assistant’s abilities, as it often fails to pick up the names, especially if you’re not from an English-speaking culture.

Google Assistant latest update: Latest changes

Google says it wants Assistant to accurately recognize and pronounce names, especially the uncommon ones. It makes sense because it’s frustrating when you’re trying to make a call using voice to save time and you end up wasting more trying to make the voice assistant understand what you want.

Google Assistant will further understand questions referring to what users are looking at their smartphones or tablet screens, even if queries are incomplete. Google is said to be rolling out this feature in English first and hopes to expand to more languages soon, the company says in a blog post.

Another important feature introduced with the update is the ability to recognize the speech of a user and the context of the conversation in an easier manner. For this, Google has rebuilt Assistant’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models, so it can understand context while also improving its “reference resolution.”

Additionally, Google Assistant is getting another update to improve its Timer feature. In case a user changes commands in mid-sentence, the Assistant would try and understand the exact inputs without needing a fresh set of voice commands.

As mentioned, Google Assistant Timer that that essentially works as a countdown timer is getting a big improvement. The update aims to make the virtual assistant more flexible, especially when a user fumbles or stops mid-sentence.

The company says it will be arriving on smartphones and smart displays soon. There’s no region-wise availability detail revealed as of now.

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