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Google confirmed a new Nest smart speaker is coming. Price, features, and everything we know so far



Google’s brand new smart speaker is set to launch in 2020. As per the details from Digital Trends, the photo of the upcoming smart speaker has leaked via a short video clip and a photo that was revealed by Google’s PR Team. Google has confirmed that it is the upcoming device of Google after the original was unveiled in 2016. Many users are really curious about the Google Nest Home’s design, price, and other details and here we are with all the available details about the new smart speaker.


One of the most notable changes from the original Google Home is the size and the new speaker will be a bit longer. The original is 5.6 inches long and the new one will be over 8.6 inches long. Another change in design is the shape and the Google Nest Home will look like an uncomfortable pillow, instead of having bloated chips can shape. The bottom of the speaker is covered with fabric instead of a plastic top.

When observed the photos we assumed that the Google Nest Home will be available in two colors.The shade of the gadget in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) documenting seems as though Google’s most loved go-to, a grayish chalk shading. In the official Google photograph, the gadget gives off an impression of being a similar water shading that is found on the Google Home Mini. It additionally appears as though the female in the video may have a coral-hued gadget. Assuming this is the case, at that point Google will presumably polish off the shading decisions with its preferred choice, charcoal.

Price and Availability

There is no official confirmation about the cost and availability of the Google Nest Home and the rumors claimed that Google’s upcoming device would have been announced at last month’s I/O conference. But due to the global pandemic, it has canceled. As Google released a short video and a photo of the speaker it indicates that they are going to present it soon. As per the reports Google is also expected to announce its new Pixel phones this fall so there are chances they will showcase the Google Nest Home speaker with this.

New Features

The full texture covering and shape may show that this gadget is progressively intended for better stable quality. It would be decent if this speaker had 360-degree speakers, which means it can shoot sound from all sides, rather than just from the front like the Google Home Max. In the video, however, the principal cut showed the speakers sponsored up to a divider, so we’re getting it doesn’t have 360 capacities. They may fill in as duel-sound system speakers, however, since in the initial segment of the video, the man has two speakers, one on each side of his head.

In the video, the lady put her Google gadget on the table without connecting it. Likewise, the young lady is hauling the gadget around toward the end as we referenced. This may demonstrate that it is versatile. It might just accuse the force rope and store the force in an interior battery pack. This could clarify the bigger size.

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