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Google Duo- Switch off Camera feature is Back.



Google Duo- Switch off Camera feature is Back.

Shut Down Camera while Video calling in Google Duo is back again!


  • The decision of bringing back the turn-off camera feature by Google Duo.
  • Video Conferencing- a new feature added.
  • Screen- Sharing.

Google Duo after an update in 2019, Surprisingly omitted the feature of Shut Down the Camera feature while Video Calling. Turn on/off Camera during Video Calling is an essential tool. After an update in 2019, users used to hide the camera by their fingers while Video- calling. It’s a little disappointing.

But now, Finally, Google Duo has decided to bring back the turn off Camera feature. That’s a great decision.

Yes, Google Duo confirmed the same through its Twitter post which shows that Google Duo has a Video toggle on/on the button on the screen itself. However, Google is said to be rolling it out to most devices.

Google also unfold the new update of the web version of Google Duo. Now users can make Conference call with up to 32 participants. To use this feature, the user has to follow the steps below:

  1. First toggle on “Create group link button”.
  2. Sign in with Google account on the Google Duo website.

Google Duo also adds a new feature of the Screen-sharing in the latest update. This feature is possible only on the Android platform. Screen- sharing is possible only in a one-on-one conversation.

Google has already provided the feature of Screen-sharing on Google meet app. But in Google meet app, you can add up to 250 members in a group call. Google meet app is generally used for Business and other work purposes.

Due to the corona pandemic, and the increasing demand for digital platforms, Google has made available Google meet app for Smartphones too. To access Google meet app via Laptop, you first need to go to your Gmail Account and then add people from there.

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