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Google in talks with Jio, Airtel to introduce high-speed internet using light beams



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According to the reports, Google is in talks with Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel for providing high speed internet through light beams. This falls under the project Taara started by Google X. Taara makes use of light to transmit information at super high speeds through the air as a very narrow, invisible beam. The “Taara team” has piloted its technology in India and Africa and Taara links offer a cost-effective, quickly deployable approach to bring high-speed connectivity to remote areas.

It will be effective in areas that are difficult to connect using fiber cables. For instance, sites such as forests, water bodies, railway tracks, etc.

Project Taara

The technology sends light beams instead of radio waves between transmitters and receivers attached to servers placed on buildings and structures. The speed could reach 20 GBps, compared to less than GBps that many consumers are getting now. A single link can cover distances of up to 20 kms. It will be used to extend fiber networks. The project aims to provide a cost-effective and rapidly deployable means of bringing high-speed connectivity to remote areas.

As of now, this project is piloted in Andhra Pradesh in India and Kenya in South Africa.


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